Update On That Rogers Customer Issue

The last time I updated you on that issue where a Rogers customer had his router accessed by a Rogers tech support rep without his permission, he was talking to Rogers about this issue and I was going to let it play out. I can now say that he was talking to the Office Of The President. In short, really serious issues get escalated to the Office Of The President.  The agents that are in the Office Of The President have the ability to do whatever it takes to solve the issue in almost any manner that achieves that goal. Here’s the feedback from the customer:

So I spoke to the OOP agent today and asked for account information so they could look into it. I asked to be removed from my commitment and he said we’ll see as I was busy at work and had to go.

It didn’t seem like he was going to help solve my issue in any way. Just said they were gonna do an internal investigation and that I would not be provided updates going further. Also, I told him that I didn’t want the rep to be fired as I believe it is more of a training issue (more that I don’t want someone to lose their job because of me).

I then asked the customer to tell me his perception of how he has been treated. His response was this:

I don’t think I’ve been treated with any respect whatsoever.  I mean, my privacy was compromised whether or not they accessed my personal files.  I don’t feel comfortable with the company anymore and they haven’t made any effort to make me feel otherwise.  <NAME REDACTED> (the OOP rep) told me they would conduct an internal investigation.  That may resolve this from happening to others but what about me?  Its already happen to me and I feel like they have written off as a customer.

Hmmm…. Not good. I also asked if he was thinking of leaving Rogers. Here’s his response:

I am doing a little more than considering my options.

So it sounds like Rogers is about to lose a customer over this.

My opinion? It sounds like Rogers is going to solve the issue going forward so that nobody has to go through this ever again. But the damage seems to have been done and Rogers is going to lose a customer. That’s too bad as Rogers had an opportunity to really change the perception that this customer has of Rogers.

Given the Twitter fail that Rogers recently had, and the fact this post among others that highlight bad experiences with Rogers seems dominate my page views, it’s the opinion of this writer that Rogers needs to do some work on their customer service (read the comments in the latter story and you’ll see what I mean… Some of those comments are as recent as this year, but the post was written three years ago). Not because all their customer service is bad because Rogers really jumped into action when I brought this to their attention. But thimgs are clearly bad enough that it colors any and all interactions that people have with Rogers. Now would having a better public perception have helped this case? I don’t know. But I don’t think it could hurt. Given the fact that the Government has sort of opened up the telecom space to foreign investment, Rogers may not have a lot of time to act as consumers may find that it’s better for them to go elsewhere for their telco services.

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