NDP Online Voting Gets Attacked By Hackers…… Why?

This weekend the New Democratic Party in Canada elected their new leader. After a lengthy voting process, Thomas Mulcair was elected. However the process that was used to elect him came under scrutiny. The NDP uses an electronic voting system that allows all their members to vote from a computer from anywhere. That system was the subject of a denial of service attack that forced the extension of voting because people couldn’t cast their vote. Now the NDP vows to get to the bottom of this by exposing the people who did this, but I have to admit that I find it strange that this would happen at all. Could it be that someone is threatened by the NDP? After all, they went from nowhere politically to being the official opposition in Parliament in the last election. And if you believe what they say, the next step is going to form the Government. That might make someone try a stunt like this. On the other hand, it could just be a couple of hackers with nothing better to do. Who knows?

Here’s the bottom line. The IP addresses have been identified. Assuming they aren’t faked, we may have answers soon.

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