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British Airways Pwned….. 380,000 Credit Card Payments Compromised

Posted in Commentary with tags on September 7, 2018 by itnerd

This isn’t a good day to be British Airways as earlier today the airline said credit card information of at least 380,000 customers have been “compromised” in a data breach that occurred between August 21 and September 5. The information stolen includes customer names, email addresses, home addresses and payment card information. But not travel or passport details:

In an email to affected customers, BA said: “We’re deeply sorry, but you may have been affected. We recommend that you contact your bank or credit card provider and follow their recommended advice. We take the protection of your personal information very seriously. Please accept our deepest apologies for the worry and inconvenience that this criminal activity has caused.” The breach has been “resolved” and the website is “working normally,” it said. In a statement, the airline added: “We have notified the police and relevant authorities… [and] will continue to keep our customers updated with the very latest information. We will be contacting customers and will manage any claims on an individual basis.”

Seeing as this is an European based airline, they had to notify the public quickly as they are covered by GDPR. But you have to wonder if British Airways will face any punishment for getting pwned by hackers? If not, this will simply keep happening. Nor will the airline have any incentive make sure that this doesn’t happen again, other than to close whatever holes led to this.


Air Canada App Pwned…..20,000 People Affected

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Apparently users of the Air Canada mobile app may have something to worry about as about 20,000 users of said app may have been affected by a data breach that happened between Aug. 22‑24, 2018. MobileSyrup received an email about this breach from Air Canada and CBC News is reporting the same thing. But there has been no comment directly from the company on this as of yet. As a precaution, users of the Air Canada app should change their passwords ASAP. Though according to CBC News, that might be a problem at present.

Hopefully the airline releases some sort of statement to shed further light on this incident.

UPDATE: Air Canada has now confirmed the data breach. The FAQ that I linked to is very much worth reading if you use the Air Canada app.

T-Mobile USA Pwned…. Info On Over 2 Million Customers Swiped

Posted in Commentary with tags on August 24, 2018 by itnerd

If you are a T-Mobile USA customer, then I have some really bad news for you. The company has disclosed that hackers have swiped the info of at least 2 million customers. Compromised information includes names, zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers and account types. The company posted a message on its website, and is in the process of texting all affected customers. Apparently they were pwned on August 20 which means they disclosed this information somewhat quickly. So kudos to them on that front. But the fact that this happened at all continues to illustrate that companies need to do much more to protect the personal info of their customers.



Reddit Pwned….. Email Addresses And MAYBE Passwords Leaked

Posted in Commentary with tags on August 1, 2018 by itnerd

Earlier today Reddit  announced that it has suffered a data breach. If you read the document that I linked to, it will give you specifics as to what was hacked. But in short, a hacker gained access to a 2007 database backup that included old salted and hashed passwords. Meaning that they were not in a state that the passwords were readable. At least not without some work. Email digests sent by Reddit in June 2018 were also obtained.

The data breach occurred between June 14 and June 18, with hackers accessing Reddit employee accounts through the company’s cloud and source code hosting providers rather than the site itself. Those systems used SMS-based two-factor authentication that failed, and the main attack happened through SMS intercept.

Reddit is sending emails to users affected by the database hack, which means that if you signed up for Reddit before 2007 or during 2007, you should check your inbox. The site will be resetting the passwords of affected users. But if you use the site, you should really consider updating your password to something strong and unique as well as enabling two-factor authentication as that runs on a different mechanism than the one that was exploited in this hack.

Health Care Company CarePartners Pwned By Hackers…. And The Hackers Are Speaking Out

Posted in Commentary with tags on July 17, 2018 by itnerd

This is something that you don’t see everyday. CarePartners which is a health care company that provides home medical care services on behalf of the Ontario government have been pwned by hackers. According to the company, the hackers only got access to a small amount of data.

Now I do admit that companies get pwned by hackers all the time sadly. But what’s unusual about this situation is that the hackers are speaking out:

However, a group claiming responsibility for the breach recently contacted CBC News and provided a sample of the data it claims to have accessed, shedding new light on the extent of the breach.

The sample includes thousands of patient medical records with phone numbers and addresses, dates of birth, and health card numbers, as well as detailed medical histories including past conditions, diagnoses, surgical procedures, care plans and medications for patients across the province.

Another document appears to contain more than 140 active patient credit card numbers and expiry dates, many with security codes.

The attackers claimed the sample was a subset of hundreds of thousands of patient records and related materials in their possession dating back to 2010.

“We requested compensation in exchange for telling them how to fix their security issues and for us to not leak data online,” they told CBC News.

CarePartners did not answer questions about the ransom, and it is not clear if or when the data will be posted online.

For the record, CBC was able to verify that the data they got was on the level. Which isn’t good if you’re CarePartners. Then there’s the fact that the company says that they take protecting data seriously. But the hackers say something entirely different.

The attackers told CBC News in an encrypted message that they discovered vulnerable software on CarePartners’ network that had not been updated in two years “by chance,” and were able to exploit those vulnerabilities and weak passwords to remove hundreds of gigabytes “completely unnoticed.”

#Fail. Clearly CarePartners don’t take the security of data seriously based on that.

Now I get why CarePartners might want to minimize the extent of this. But it’s not a workable strategy long term because in Canada there’s strong privacy laws and this sort of thing does get investigated by Canada’s Privacy Commissioner. So the truth will come out eventually and CarePartners will get smacked pretty hard. Thus if I were them, I would just come clean now and work with everyone from the Privacy Commissioner to law enforcement and security firms to address this.

Data From MyHeritage Shows Up On Third Party Server…. Millions Of Accounts Affected

Posted in Commentary with tags on June 5, 2018 by itnerd

MyHeritage, a genealogy and DNA testing service has announced that a researcher uncovered 92 million account details related to the company sitting on a server. In other words, there’s a data breach of epic proportions. Here’s the details via the announcement from MyHeritage:

Today, June 4, 2018 at approximately 1pm EST, MyHeritage’s Chief Information Security Officer received a message from a security researcher that he had found a file named myheritage containing email addresses and hashed passwords, on a private server outside of MyHeritage. Our Information Security Team received the file from the security researcher, reviewed it, and confirmed that its contents originated from MyHeritage and included all the email addresses of users who signed up to MyHeritage up to October 26, 2017, and their hashed passwords.

Immediately upon receipt of the file, MyHeritage’s Information Security Team analyzed the file and began an investigation to determine how its contents were obtained and to identify any potential exploitation of the MyHeritage system. We determined that the file was legitimate and included the email addresses and hashed passwords of 92,283,889 users who had signed up to MyHeritage up to and including Oct 26, 2017 which is the date of the breach. MyHeritage does not store user passwords, but rather a one-way hash of each password, in which the hash key differs for each customer. This means that anyone gaining access to the hashed passwords does not have the actual passwords.

The security researcher reported that no other data related to MyHeritage was found on the private server. There has been no evidence that the data in the file was ever used by the perpetrators. Since Oct 26, 2017 (the date of the breach) and the present we have not seen any activity indicating that any MyHeritage accounts had been compromised.

Well. That is not good to say the least. The usual advice in this sort of situation applies such as changing your password for this service. There doesn’t seem to be any indication of any payment info being swiped at this point. So I think you don’t have to worry about that at this point. I will also note that the company reported this according to GDPR regulations, so that’s positive. Hopefully MyHeritage explains what happened here and what they are going to do to stop it from happening again if they want to regain the trust of their users.

BMO and CIBC-owned Simplii Financial Pwned…. Tens Of Thousands Of Customers At Risk

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The CBC is reporting that CIBC-owned Simplii Financial has warned on Monday morning that hackers had accessed the personal and account information of more than 40,000 of the bank’s customers. Then Bank of Montreal revealed that hackers had stolen data on up to 50,000 of the bank’s customers.

That’s not good. but it is actually worse than that.

The hackers have now gone to the media with threats of leaking the data that they stole when the banks apparently did not pay up a $1 million ransom for the data. CBC managed to take some data that the hackers served up to them and confirmed that it is real. So as a result, all these customers are now under threat of being pwned in epic fashion. This is not good to say the least that two banks in Canada have been pwned like this. These banks have a lot of explaining to do. And you have to wonder if other banks can be pwned like this.