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RIM’s Numbers Disappoints….. Jim Balsillie Quits…. RIM Up For Sale…. Sound The Death Knell


Today was a big day for RIM. First, their Q4 and full year numbers were released today. In a word the numbers sucked. Here’s the highlights

Oh well. At least PlayBook sales were good. Of course the fact that they were heavily discounted had something to do with that. The full results can be read here [Warning: PDF].

Now here’s the second and third pieces of news. Jim Balsillie who was until recently one of the two CEOs of this company resigned from RIM’s board along with two other executives. Not only that, the company is going to do “strategic review” of their business. That’s code for the company is up for sale.

Consider this to be the beginning of the end for RIM. This company will be sliced, diced, and sold to try and maximize shareholder value.

Bottom line: Time to go buy an iPhone.




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