Antivirus Firms Come To The Rescue Of Flashback Infected Mac Users… Where’s Apple? [UPDATED x2]

When I last talked about the Flashback Trojan that has infected as many as a half a million Macs, tools to detect were few and removal was difficult. Now it appears that antivirus makers are starting to come to the rescue. Here’s a list of the ones that I am aware of:

  • F-Secure has a tool called the Flashback Removal Tool. Simply download and run it and follow the instructions. Simple and effective.
  • Kaspersky has announced a online tool to detect and a another tool remove the Trojan.
  • The latest version of Sophos will detect Flashback according to their blog.

So the question is, where is Apple in all of this? I did mention in my previous post that they are working on something to detect and kill the Trojan. But surely they have to put a rush on this as this will be hard to stop if this continues to spread. Not to mention the fact that the negative press isn’t helping them to sell computers.

So Apple, when are you going to step up?

UPDATE: Apple steps up today with this Java update that removes the most common variants of Flashback.

UPDATE #2: The above link is for Lion users with Java installed only. If that’s not you, then you need to click this link to get a removal tool that works for them.

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