Today’s Mac Trojan Uses MS Word To Do It’s Evil Deeds….. Fanbois Now Hysterical

It just gets worse for Mac users. ZDNet is reporting that a new Mac Trojan is making the rounds and it uses a MS Word exploit to get onto your system and run amok:

The new version of the Trojan uses malformed Word documents to open a backdoor for remote hackers to steal information or install further code. Just like many recent variants of Mac-specific Trojans, OS X users may be caught off guard as there is no prompt to enter your username or password when the malicious software installs itself onto your Mac.

One key point. It doesn’t require any user interaction other than opening the infected Word document. Now how do you protect yourself? Make sure that your copy of Office for Mac is up to date. The exploit that this Trojan uses dates back to 2009. So if you’re up to date, you’re safe. Of course this shouldn’t stop you from running an Anti-Virus application. I’ll be posting a list of such applications later today. Watch for it.

In the meantime, Mac fanbois will continue to weep openly now that their myth of Mac superiority in the security realm is proven to be false.

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