Hey IT Nerd, What Do You Think Of The Blackberry 10 Platform?

Yesterday, RIM announced and demoed the one thing that might save them from death. That’s the Blackberry 10 Platform. I watched the demo and it looks slick. It’s based on QNX which brings a serious backbone to the table, developers can code in very accessible ways, and it will be strong from a multimedia standpoint.

The problem is that it doesn’t matter.

Had they came out with this a year ago, this would give RIM a chance. But it’s coming at the 11th hour which is way too late. Android and the iPhone have won the smartphone wars. Or at least eliminated RIM from the battlefield. Oh, I should also mention the elephant in the room: There is no public ship date for any Blackberry with Blackberry 10. Simply saying “later this year” or “the second half of the year” doesn’t count.

Bottom line: Blackberry 10 is nice looking, but irrelevant.



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