Help A Dying Childs Wish To Trend On Twitter [UPDATED]

A 9 year old boy by the name of Ryan Kennedy from Clarkston Michigan is currently battling a brain tumor. He is not expected to make it through the weekend, and his one wish is to be a trend on Twitter.

Let’s make his wish come true. Ask your family, friends, anyone, to tweet #RyanKennedy. Do it often please. I’ve done it on my personal Twitter account.  If you’re not on Twitter, reblog this or e-mail this so that the word gets out. As of 8PM Eastern on Saturday he is not trending. I’m hoping that with your help he will be soon.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your help!

UPDATE: Pop Star Britney Spears who has 16 million followers on Twitter has joined the cause. Not to mention actress Shannen Doherty, Mike Tirico of ESPN, and Kim Kardashian to name a few. You need to join the cause too and help this child’s wish come true because as of 10:20 PM on Sunday, he’s still not trending.

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