Ooma Gives All Subscribers 911 Alerts For Free

I’ve written about the Ooma VoIP service before and I’ve been very intrigued by the service. Now they’ve gone off and done something that has really gotten my attention. They’ve taken a very interesting service that sends alerts to up to 3 e-mails or phone numbers when 911 is used from an Ooma phone number. If you’ve got kids at home or a senior who lives on their own, this is a great service to have. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about from their press release:

Kellie Scrogum, an Ooma customer who lives in Kennesaw, Georgia, purchased an Ooma Telo for her parents who are elderly to save money on their monthly phone bill and for the advanced features that Ooma provides. Recently when her mother called 911 because her father needed help, she instantly received a text and email informing her that a 911 call was placed from her parents’ home.

“I was able to beat the EMTs to the house, thanks to Ooma,” says Scrogum. “My father ended up being fine, but both my parents were shocked that I knew what was going on even before the EMTs had a chance to show up. Not only is Ooma’s quality of service amazing, but I gain the assurance of being immediately alerted when 911 is called from my parent’s home. My brother, parents and I all use Ooma, and we love it. What an amazingly awesome product.”

Very powerful stuff. This clearly makes Ooma a front runner in the VoIP service space. Impressive if you ask me.

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