University Of Windsor Announces Mobile App To Help Students

I get a bunch of press releases in my inbox every day. This one got my attention. The University Of Windsor has announced that they have come out with an app for smartphones that helps students. How does it help students? Here’s how:

Among the services and information students will now be able to access through their phones are:

  • capability to review courses, schedules, grades and exams
  • update financial information on their accounts, including their UWinCARDS and meal plans
  • ability to receive direct messages from professors and course instructors
  • a campus map which will allow them to search for specific buildings
  • check out menus and daily specials at the Market Place Cafe
  • get updates on Lancer sports
  • gain access to such social media sites as the UWindsor’s Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter feed
  • ability to listen to CJAM, the University’s campus radio station

“It is a priority for the University of Windsor to enhance the student experience with a wide variety of convenient services,” said UWindsor president Alan Wildeman. “Our IT and Public Affairs and Communications departments have been hard at work over the past several months working on the development and launch of this new tool that gives you access to many campus services right in the palm of your hand. It’s a powerful way of keeping our students, staff, faculty, visitors and alumni in touch with all the exciting things happening at their university.”

I could have used this app when I was in school. But I went to school when cell phones were just becoming popular and the most popular apps (or applications as my generation called them) were WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 which I used on DOS on my trusty Toshiba T1000SE laptop that I took to all my classes.  There. I just dated myself.

The apps are free to download for your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones. If you’re a student of the University Of Windsor, this is a must download. I also expect other universities to be following the lead of the University Of Windsor as well.

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