What’s Happened To The Mac Pro???

I remember back into the late 1980s when Apple wasn’t nearly doing as well, they had pro quality computers that were specifically designed for graphic designers, video editors, or anyone else who needed a computer that had lots of power and lots of expandability. The latest version of that computer is the Mac Pro. The thing is, this model is two years old according to Mac Rumors. Apple has updated virtually every other thing it makes (in some cases multiple times) during that time period. So one has to ask, what’s the deal with the Mac Pro.

Do pro users not matter to Apple anymore?

Seeing as they’re making a ton of cash off of iPads, iPhones, iMacs, and MacBooks, I guess not. That’s sad and many are not happy about that. A Facebook page has been set up to force Apple to update the Mac Pro line. As I type this, it has just under 18,000 likes. Not a small number. Clearly the pro user community aren’t happy. Apple would be wise to listen to them. That’s because when Apple wasn’t the high flying company that it is now, these are the people who keep them going when everyone else declared them dead. I seriously think it’s a bad idea to tick these people off as they drop tens of thousands of dollars on their computers. Apple may need that cash in the near future. Don’t think so? Look at RIM, at one point was the big dog on the block. Now they barely have a pulse. That’s how the universe works and Apple would be wise to remember that.

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