ServiceOntario Kisoks Closed Due To “Security Violations”

In Ontario, you can do things like renew their drivers’ licenses and obtain birth certificates at ATM like machines called ServiceOntario Kisoks. I’ve used them because they’re everywhere and it’s way better than having to go to some office and line up. So I was kind of ticked to find out that all these machines have been shut down:

The Ontario government has temporarily shut down all 72 kiosks across the province to check for signs of tampering. Debit card companies informed the government about security violations at kiosks in four shopping malls in the Greater Toronto Area – Erin Mills Town Centre, Vaughan Mills, Albion Centre and Promenade Mall.

A spokeswoman for Vaughan Mills said officials from ServiceOntario removed the mall’s kiosk early Thursday morning. The mall has handed over surveillance tape to police.

“It doesn’t sound like they’re going to be offering the service in that format any time soon, considering they’re pulling the unit from the floor,” spokeswoman Jamie MacLean said.

Why have they done this? Here’s what the Ontario Government said:

Government Services Minister Harinder Takhar said people tried to copy some of the information on consumers’ debit cards and credit cards, but he does not know how many people were affected.

“It’s happening everywhere,” he told reporters on Thursday, referring to warnings by police about new methods being used to skim information from debit and credit cards in the GTA. “We just wanted to make sure the information is protected.”

Well. that’s just delightful. Nothing is secure these days. So I give the Government points for shutting the machines down until they can secure them. Hopefully they’re back in service soon and the security is top notch.

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