16GB Blackberry Playbook Nixed… Hmmmm….

Read into this what you will. RIM has decided to stop selling the 16GB Blackberry Playbook. Here’s their logic:

“There is more value for our customers in the higher capacity models (32 GB, 64 GB), and as such we have decided to focus our efforts here,” the Waterloo-based company said in an email.

“The 16 GB PlayBook will continue to be available for distributors and retailers while quantities last. We continue to remain committed to the tablet space and the 32 GB and 64 GB models of the BlackBerry PlayBook continue to be available from our distributors and retailers around the world.”

Okay. That’s plausible. But you have to wonder if they are actually selling any Playbooks given that they warned that they were going to lose money. I’m not so sure. We’ll find out shortly as their number are due soon.

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