Think That Viruses Only Affect Windows? You’re Wrong…

A blog post from Symantec got my attention today. Threats that used to be focused towards Windows PC are now moving to much broader targets:

Of particular note is a threat family called Opfake. This threat covers a wide range of device operating systems, from Symbian, to Windows Mobile, to Android, and even targets iOS devices through an elaborate phishing scam.

It’s not just mobile devices either. While Apple’s Macintosh computers have been targeted by threats here and there, the idea that this computing platform could be compromised en mass is something Internet security experts have warned about for years.

That day has finally arrived. A trojan by the name of Flashback, which first appeared last year, had a breakout performance in April, successfully infecting approximately 600,000 Macs. We discovered the authors behind this threat may have faltered when it came to profiting from it; perhaps taken by surprise at their apparent success. However, other attackers quickly followed in their footsteps, also seeking to exploit the same weaknesses before the vulnerability was closed.

It is clear that attackers are now paying attention to other platforms outside of the Windows world. But perhaps what is even more worrying is that we’re starting to see a move to platform-independent threats.

So, regardless what you happen to use, it’s becoming clear that you have to protect yourself. Simply assuming that you are immune to threats is no longer an option. This blog post has lots of other useful info that is worth paying attention to. Give it a read and take heed of what it says.

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