Review: Blackberry Traffic 3.0

I reviewed Blackberry Traffic a while ago. The premise of the app from RIM is that it gives your Blackberry the ability to navigate you from place to place in the most efficient manner possible. The problem with the version that I reviewed was that there was no voice based guidance. That was a #fail as you need to keep your eyes on the road to be safe (and legal). That’s now changed with Blackberry Traffic 3.0. The big news is that it wow has voice guidance projected clearly through your device’s speaker, Bluetooth or car system’s input. You can set it up it to be as detailed as you want so you have constant direction. It works very well. I tested it using my Bluetooth headset and all I had to do is enter my destination, put my Blackberry in my cupholder and listen to the directions. Another thing I should note is that I can set it up to avoid toll routes so that I can drive without paying through the nose. Nice! Other than those new features, it works like the previous version.

The best part is that Blackberry Traffic is free. Simply download it from Blackberry World and you’re off to the races. Metaphorically speaking of course.


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