Microsoft Surface Tablet Announced…. Should Apple Worry?

Microsoft yesterday announced a tablet that may get Apple’s attention. Called the Surface tablet, it has two flavors. One is powered by an ARM processor and the other is powered by an x86 processor. It’s going to powered by Windows RT or Windows 8 and it comes with… wait for it… a keyboard!:

At 3mm thick, it adds virtually nothing to the device’s size, but it opens up a world of inputs. There are two covers available — the Touch Cover (very thin) and the Type Cover (with proper, tactile keys).

Interesting. This will get the attention of people like me who don’t like typing on screens. Want more? Check out a site that has been created to showcase this tablet. We’ll have to wait until it actually ships to see what it looks like and how it performs.

So, does Apple have reason to worry? Post a comment and share your thoughts.

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