Cisco Responds To Router Firmware Backlash….. They Fail To Make Friends And Influence People

I’ll admit right off the top that I’ve been a bit late to post this. But I figured better late than never…..

Frequent readers of my blog will recall that Cisco auto downloaded a firmware update that took come control of a user’s router away from the user and moved it to the Cisco cloud. On top of that, there were some really nasty terms of service that allowed Cisco to go after you if you used the router to surf for porn and download illegal material. To nobody’s surprise, users were pretty ticked off. Well, Cisco responded to this via their blog:

Cisco prides itself on offering the best customer experiences, and privacy and security are at the core of everything we do.  That goes for Cisco Connect Cloud too. When a customer signs up for a Cisco Connect Cloud account, personal information is used only to establish an account in order to provide customer support.  Consistent with Cisco’s practices, Cisco Connect Cloud does not actively track, collect or store personal info or usage data for any other purposes, nor is it transmitted to third parties.

We also wanted to clear up any confusion about Cisco’s ‘opt in’ practices. Cisco Connect Cloud was delivered only to consumers who opted in to automatic updates. However, we apologize that the opt-out process for Cisco Connect Cloud and automatic updates was not more clear in this product release, and we are developing an updated version that will improve this process.

Now that sounds almost apologetic. But I’m guessing that this didn’t go over well. I base that statement on the this. Go to the blog post and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll notice this:

Cisco added a link to a second entry which provides far more clarity than the original blog entry. One wonders why they didn’t just do that in the first place? The second thing that you’ll notice is that comments are closed for this blog entry. That seems inconsistent with this statement on the original entry:

We apologize to any of our customers who were inconvenienced. We take feedback very seriously.  It is our mission to provide the highest quality offerings where customer satisfaction is always paramount.

Sure you do. That’s why comments are closed on the blog entry. Right?

Sorry Cisco, this is a #fail.

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