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Cisco AppDynamics Expands Global Software-as-a-Service Offering With Five New Locations

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Cisco AppDynamics, the industry leading Business Observability platform, today announced the expansion of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering through five strategic new locations, enabling fast, secure and reliable access to the AppDynamics Business Observability platform. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), new locations in Cape Town (South Africa), Hong Kong (China), London (England), São Paulo (Brazil) and Singapore will provide regional customers and partners with access to full-stack observability solutions that are secure, scalable and adhere to their local data residency regulations, enabling companies to deliver a superior digital experience

Recent research from Gartner indicates that almost 70 percent of organizations using cloud services today plan to increase their cloud spend in the wake of the disruption caused by COVID-19.

As technologists lead their company’s response to the pandemic, many are facing increasingly high pressures to innovate and scale digital services and migrating to a SaaS approach comes with strong considerations. Challenges with implementing SaaS services due to evolving data residency laws and regulations, as well as latency via cloud services that can exist based on proximity to SaaS locations, are areas of concern when considering a SaaS approach. However, modern CIOs recognize the urgent need for a secure, reliable and scalable SaaS solution to support their rapid digital transformation efforts and meet the ever-increasing user demand for flawless digital experience.

The addition of five new locations offers a solution to enterprises concerned with potential data sovereignty and governance requirements, and provides access for customers all around the globe. With points of presence already in place in Portland (US), Frankfurt (Germany), Mumbai (India) and Sydney (Australia), AppDynamics now has more SaaS support than any other vendor in the market.Recently acknowledged as a notable strength by Gartner, AppDynamics’ robust global SaaS footprint will ensure enterprise companies can focus on creating flawless digital experiences through the Cisco AppDynamics Business Observability platform, while achieving greater control around:

  • Data Residency, Privacy and Security – Enables local enterprise businesses to comply with anticipated data residency regulations, comprehensive compliance and security certifications such as SOC 2 Type II, EU-US Data Transfer and GDPR-Ready.
  • Scale – AppDynamics is delivered with the scalability of AWS providing high-speed access to data with lower total costs, less on-premises resources, and added support and maintenance.
  • Faster Access to Innovation – customers can leverage the latest innovation from AppDynamics including cloud native services, APM, and application security through automated and seamless upgrades.

The addition of the five new locations comes on the heels of AppDynamics’ SaaS offering in India, announced in October 2020, and builds on the company’s global SaaS footprint across Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. With each location strategically selected based on regional user demand, AppDynamics is seeing evidence that this strategy is quickly meeting the needs of enterprises around the world. For example, its Frankfurt SaaS location doubled the amount of users in only 18 months.

AppDynamics’ new SaaS locations will be available as follows:

  • Singapore (April 2021)
  • London (April 2021)
  • Hong Kong (July 2021
  • São Paulo (July 2021)
  • Cape Town (July 2021)

Learn more about AppDynamics SaaS and the company’s security and privacy assurance here.

Cisco Webex Announces Real-Time Translations

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Today Cisco announced the availability (in preview beginning this month) of its real-time translation feature while also dramatically expanding the language library from 10+ to more than 100 languages, ranging from Armenian to Zulu. As part of the all new Webex, organizations can provide employees with inclusive and seamless collaboration experiences, which is essential to supporting the needs of a workforce that is more globally dispersed than ever before.

Users can create their own personalized Webex meeting experience  by quickly and easily self-selecting the language of their choice from the most commonly used languages, such as Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish, as well as more localized languages such as Danish, Hindi, Malay, Turkish and Vietnamese. The personalized language experience provides a path through one of the major hurdles in global business – the language barrier. Now users can engage more fully in meetings, translating from English to 100+ other languages, enabling teams to communicate more effectively with each other, and opening new opportunities for businesses to build a more inclusive, global workforce.

For businesses, there’s a talent and cost benefit. The feature enables businesses to focus on finding the best talent regardless of wherever they call home or their native language. And a recent report from Metrigy on intelligent virtual assistants found that nearly 24% of participants have meetings that include non-English native speakers and of these, more than half have been using third-party services to translate meetings into other languages (incurring an average cost of $172 per meeting). Integrating intelligent virtual meeting assistants with language translation capabilities significantly reduces or even eliminates this cost entirely.

The expanded Real-Time Translation feature will be available in Webex as a preview starting this month and will be orderable and generally available in May.

One thing that you should note is that not all dialects are included in translation.

Cisco AppDynamics Launches New Research That Reveals Unprecedented Demand For Full-Stack Observability With Business Context

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AppDynamics, a part of Cisco, today released Agents of Transformation 2021:The Rise of Full-Stack Observability, the latest edition of its global research study, exploring the impact of the rapid acceleration of digital transformation created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the repercussions for global technologists. The findings reveal a dramatic increase in IT complexity caused by the need for urgent innovation – and the resulting technology sprawl. The research also validates a pressing need for full-stack observability with added business context to help technologists manage the IT estate, cut through the data ‘noise’ and observe what matters most to their business.

The shift to digital-first business models to weather the storm and minimize the commercial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, has placed technologists at the forefront of their organizations’ response. According to this research, this forced a 3X acceleration of digital transformation projects. Unsurprisingly, technologists found themselves under considerable strain, with 89 percent reportedly feeling under immense pressure at work and 84 percent admitting to having difficulty switching off. Furthermore, many technologists expressed feeling frustrated about work (81 percent) and experiencing increased levels of conflict with colleagues (63 percent).

The new research goes on to highlight that rapid digital transformation has added staggering technical complexity throughout IT departments, with technologists listing the following factors as key contributors:

  • A new set of priorities and challenges (80 percent).
  • Technology sprawl and a patchwork of legacy and cloud technologies (78 percent).
  • Acceleration to cloud computing (77 percent).
  • Multiple, disconnected monitoring solutions (74 percent). 

This rise in IT complexity has significantly increased the amount of data created across the technology stack, from the application, through the infrastructure to the network and security. With this added complexity, 85 percent of technologists state that quickly cutting through noise caused by the ever-increasing volumes of data to identify root causes of performance issues will represent a significant challenge in the year ahead. With 75 percent of those polled stating they are already struggling to manage overwhelming ‘data noise’, technologists are desperate for a unified solution to enable real-time visibility across the entire IT estate:

  • 95 percent of technologists say having visibility across the whole IT estate is important.
  • 96 percent point to negative consequences of not having visibility and insights across the whole tech stack.

While most technologists acknowledge that the ability to monitor the IT stack is important, the overwhelming majority (92%) say the ability to link technology performance to business outcomes such as customer experience, sales transactions and revenue, will be what’s really important to delivering innovation goals over the next year. In addition, almost three quarters (73%) fear that the inability to link IT performance with business performance will be detrimental to their business in 2021, and 96 percent acknowledge that the ability to connect full-stack observability with real-time business outcomes will be essential to delivering first-class digital experiences and accelerating digital transformation.

Rather than searching through the vast amounts of telemetry data that comes with a standard full-stack observability approach, technologists recognize they need to observe what matters by applying a business lens to full-stack observability so they can surface the most impactful information quickly. This business context will enable them to make sense of what’s relevant and take action on the most transformative opportunities.

The report also highlights that while technologists are acutely aware that they need to contextualize IT performance with real-time business data, more than half (66%) do not have the resources and support they need, and 96 percent point to at least one barrier their organization must navigate in order to adopt this new approach.

The stakes have never been higher for technologists and their organizations to get the necessary resources and support in place, with three quarters (75%) of technologists saying their organization needs to connect full-stack observability to business outcomes within 12 months in order to remain competitive. 

To learn more about full-stack observability and the AppDynamics Business Observability platform, register to attend AppDynamics Transform 2021 virtual event starting today, or visit AppDynamics.comfor more information.

Other Resources:

  • Download the latest installment of the AppDynamics Agents of Transformation research series here.
  • Access free AppDynamics software and support through the COVID-19 Project Assist program.

Research Methodology

To better understand the complexity that technologists are facing in 2021 and to gauge understanding and appetite for full-stack observability with business context, Cisco AppDynamics has undertaken comprehensive global research, from board-level directors and CIOs, through to senior and mid-level IT management.

This research comprised of:

  • Interviews with 1,050 IT professionals in organizations with a turnover of at least $500m.
  • Interviews were conducted in 11 markets – Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.
  • Respondents worked across a range of industries, including IT, financial services, retail, public sector, manufacturing and automotive, and media and communications.
  • All research was conducted by Insight Avenue in December 2020 and January 2021.

Cisco AppDynamics Delivers Industry-First Solution For Application-Led Security

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AppDynamics, a part of Cisco and the world’s #1 APM solution and full-stack, business-centric observability platform, today announced Cisco Secure Application, the industry’s first solution to drastically simplify vulnerability management, defend against attacks and protect applications – from the inside-out. Co-innovated with the Cisco Security business, the world’s largest enterprise security company, this new solution correlates security and application insights through a single solution. Built natively into the AppDynamics platform, users benefit from reduced alert fatigue, real time threat detection, and automatic breach prevention. The result is businesses’ confidence in application performance without the fear of significant damage to brand reputation and customer trust.

Organizations are increasingly reliant on applications to engage with and deliver services to customers, which leads to huge volumes of personal user data being housed within the application. As a result, organizations face increased vulnerability to cyber threats and security incidents. This challenge is further exacerbated as they continue to support more employees working from home who are using laptops and devices connected to the public internet. This is testing the limits of monitoring practices and vastly expanding the IT perimeter, creating new weaknesses and vulnerabilities in even the most secure IT estates. Failure to have the right processes and solutions in place to safeguard data housedin applications not only puts brand reputation and consumer trust at risk, but also may cost organizations millions of dollars in the event of a breach.

With applications now running anywhere from on-premise to multi-cloud and cloud-native microservices, combined with accelerated innovation, the need for an application-led approach to security is paramount. This critical shift will enable technologists to identify vulnerabilities within the application during production, correlate vulnerabilities and breaches with business impact, and bring together Application and Security teams to facilitate speedy remediation.

With Secure Application, IT teams will no longer sacrifice security for velocity. Secure Application is the only solution that uniquely brings together business performance and security insights with zero friction​ to protect brands against slowdowns and exploits.

With Secure Application, enterprise IT teams will have access to:

  • Automatic runtime protection: Visibility into an application’s true behavior to easily detect attacks, identify deviations, and block attacks automatically.
  • Simplified vulnerability management: Access at the code level to detect dependency and configuration level security vulnerabilities in production.
  • Security insights informed by business impact: Security details correlated with the application topology to apply business relevance to security events and helps teams focus on the incidents that matter most.
  • Collaboration between Application and Security teams: Shared context for Application and Security teams for optimal collaboration, improved security posture, and healthy digital business.

AppDynamics with Cisco Secure Application is currently accessible through early availability. Learn more about Secure Application here.

Cisco AppDynamics Acquires Dashbase

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Cisco AppDynamics today announced its intent to acquire enterprise software company, Dashbase for its logs and events analytics technology. Dashbase will add to AppDynamics observability capabilities and the integration of Dashbase’s logs and events analytics technology into the Cisco AppDynamics platform will enable customers to accelerate their digital transformation by unifying and taming the complexity of data across technology, user and business domains. 

To learn more, you can read this blog post by AppDynamics GM, Linda Tong.

AppDynamics Helps HR Software Company, Jobvite, Save Hours Per Incident

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AppDynamics, a part of Cisco, and the world’s #1 Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution and full-stack, business centric observability platform, is partnering with Jobvite to save the company several hours per incident by simplifying its debugging processes and accelerating the mean time to repair (MTTR) for software bugs or errors.

Jobvite, an applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruiting software serving customers in many different industries, selected AppDynamics APM to migrate mission critical applications such as Recruiting and Canvas to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Because of the competitive HR market and how essential it is to ensure a flawless digital customer experience, Jobvite needed a way to scale its digital platforms to meet an increase in usage of millions of job seekers and recruiters using Jobvite every year and thousands of customers who rely on the applications daily. To do this, Jobvite partnered with AppDynamics to enable a seamless migration to AWS without any disruption to their end users. After successfully transitioning to their cloud-native microservice architecture, Jobvite turned to AppDynamics to manage and monitor its multiple AWS-based applications, including the company’s popular customer facing applications. More recently, Jobvite added observability to gain access to Deep Code Insights powered by Rookout.

By partnering with AppDynamics, Jobvite can pinpoint functionality issues in production, eliminating the time previously wasted sifting through log files, saving hours per incident. AppDynamics has allowed Jobvite to detect any issues early in development and resolve them before they impact customers. By providing deep performance insights at every stage of the software development lifecycle—from code insights through to production—Jobvite has accelerated innovation by bringing high-quality products to market faster. AppDynamics has allowed Jobvite to shift left and get the most important products to market faster, while still delivering the high-quality standards that the market expects.

Since partnering with AppDynamics, Jobvite has been able to make vast improvements, including:

  • Migrating all workloads to AWS within six months and with zero disruption to the end user.
  • Simplifying production debugging and rapid root-cause analysis to optimize application performance.
  • Democratizing secure access to the product runtime behavior in any environment, empowering teams to take ownership from development to delivery and accelerating MTTR for software bugs or errors.
  • Improving management of unplanned work, allowing IT teams to maintain a strategic focus and allocate resources to support business objectives.

To learn more about how to move quickly and securely to AWS with AppDynamics full-stack performance monitoring, visit here.

To visit the AppDynamics virtual booth at AWS re:Invent, through December 18, 2020, registered attendees can click here.

Cisco Doubles Down On Webex Ecosystem & Accelerates Webex App Hub

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Announced today at WebexOne, the all new Webex is not just a powerful suite of apps, it is also a platform that helps everyone to have a seamless experience as they move between Webex and their other favorite apps. Their platform starts with a powerful programmability and extensibility layer via their open APIs and SDKs.  This lets anyone get the capabilities they need with Webex– across calling, messaging, meetings, devices, intelligence and analytics. 

To ensure everyone can benefit from this platform, today they’ve announced the new Webex App Hub. Available today, the App Hub is where we make it easy for users to find and use integrations within a Webex messaging space, and soon you’ll be able to experience the same thing in a Webex meeting. Users will be able to easily add and collaborate with third-party applications while in a Webex meeting, then save the work to follow up afterwards. Of course, the App Hub also is great for IT managers who are looking to make native integrations company-wide.

Today Cisco announced the following upcoming integrations, and many more will soon follow:

Box: Get the most of your Webex meetings with content stored in Box. Currently, Box and Webex are integrated such that you can easily share and manage Box content when you’re in Webex. They are now taking this integration to the next level so that from within Box, you get embedded access to Webex enabling you to start or schedule a Webex meeting, and share content with a Webex Space – either with an existing Space or a newly created Space – all without leaving Box. All Webex content sharing events are captured in the Box activity feed.

Dropbox: For Dropbox users, the powerful integration coming between Dropbox and Webex will help drive more effective meetings. Click and select a file in Dropbox to share during a Webex meeting. Leverage Dropbox  in Webex to easily capture notes, agendas, and follow-up tasks to share with the team or move from chat to a meeting without leaving the Dropbox UI. Meeting artifacts like presentations and recordings are accessible in Dropbox before, during and after meetings.

Miro: Harness the power of visual thinking and team collaboration by using Miro within Webex. This integration allows you to embed any Miro board directly inside of your Webex project space for everything from ideation and workshopping to product planning and design without ever leaving your meeting.

MURAL: Offering an enhanced layer of engagement to video meetings from within Webex, MURAL helps distributed teams share, think, and solve problems together through visual collaboration. The integrated solution will give every team member a voice and makes remote planning, Agile ceremonies, design sprints, brainstorming sessions, and client collaboration more productive and fun.

Salesforce:  Bringing Webex and Salesforce together can make sales activities and motions 10x better and help drive quotes to cash. Within Salesforce, your Webex meetings, messages and calls will be associated with Leads and Opportunities.  These custom Webex objects will be delivered through the Salesforce AppExchange.​

ServiceNow: Webex integration with ServiceNow incident management means Webex actions related to Meetings, Calling and Messaging become “in agent” workflows, eliminating manual repetitive tasks and context switching.

Workplace from Facebook: Workplace and Cisco are coming together to improve employee communications for all organizations, particularly those with frontline employees and distributed teams split between working in-office and from home. Now, joint customers can broadcast Webex video live to Workplace and users will also be able to interact (like, comment, react, ask questions, use polls, etc.) during Webex broadcasts, for real-time engagement. Upcoming product experiences will include being able to use Workplace with Webex hardware, and Workplace live engagement features being brought into the Webex experience. Additionally, we have announced a combined offer: Webex customers who are new to Workplace will receive six months’ access to Workplace Advanced at no cost. Workplace customers who are new to Webex will receive special discounts off Webex software and hardware devices (all offers subject to limitations).

Cisco Announces Three New Webex Devices

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Today at WebexOne, Cisco expanded its line-up of collaboration devices designed to empower the remote worker and enable a safe return to the office. The three new devices joining our intelligent Webex device portfolio are Webex Desk Camera, Webex Desk Hub and Webex Desk.

It’s clear that the future of work will involve a combination of remote and on-site interactions, known as hybrid-work. As the hybrid workplace takes shape, it’s important that you have seamless, smart experiences whether you’re at home or in the office—or somewhere in between. Together with the rest of Cisco’s intelligent portfolio, the new devices announced today provide such experiences.


  • Webex Desk Camera. Packed with the intelligent features you already know from our video portfolio – like facial recognition and occupancy metrics – the Webex Desk Camera is perfect for both the home or the office. And in an industry first that no other USB camera can do, you can now mute and unmute your microphone with a simple gesture—without ever touching your computer. Powered by the Webex platform like the rest of their desk portfolio, IT can manage the Desk Camera at scale so you’ll never miss an update and never be without support. This means that even in an ever-evolving workplace, IT can meet the needs of the workforce – wherever they are.
  • Preview: Webex Desk Hub. With many organizations rethinking and reconfiguring their office space,  getting back to the office may mean less desk space and more hotdesking for employees. With the new Webex Desk Hub, it’s super simple to make any available desk your personal space.  This new category of device is powerful enough to provide amazing quality video meetings and phone calls but also allows you to pair, charge, and connect all the things you’ve come to rely on for productivity and collaboration such as your own camera, headset, display, laptop and mobile. It is wrapped with intelligence to provide a consistent experience that enables you to get stuff done. In addition, Webex Desk Hub lets you reserve a desk using your laptop, badge or cell phone to authenticate your identity. This is not a basic device for hotdesking as you know it; the Webex Desk Hub is truly built for a new way of working.

    Of course, it’s not only easy to use but also to manage. The Webex Desk Hub gathers real-time environmental data, occupancy, and desk usage to help manage the new office space. Or use it to deploy digital signage with reminders to help enable a safe return. 
  • Preview: Webex Desk. Just like it’s “big sister” the Webex Desk Pro, the Webex Desk allows you to engage your audience by using slides or videos as your backdrop while you present—a feature we call “immersive presenter”. It transforms your experience by enabling you to connect to meetings, co-create and stay productive whether you’re at home or in the office. It is competitively priced for an all-in-one device with intelligent features users want like noise cancellation, virtual backgrounds and facial recognition. Use it as your primary display and connect to any meetings service. With a high-quality camera, microphone and speakers, it is super simple to set up, with no IT or technical knowledge required. You can be up and running in minutes.

Cisco Announces New Webex Innovations At WebexOne

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Today at WebexOne, Cisco announced a wave of Webex innovation to help organizations collaborate seamlessly and transform their employee and customer experiences. Taking place today and tomorrow, WebexOne is Cisco’s premier digital collaboration conference that brings together thought leaders, customers and partners to discuss the future of work.

Webex has a rich history of helping employees innovate and remain productive wherever they are. Since the pandemic, Webex has not only continued to help businesses thrive, it has also been an integral platform for governments to continue to lead remotely, doctors to meet with patients safely, and educators to teach students at a distance. It’s clear that the future of work will involve a combination of remote and on-site interactions, known as hybrid-work. Cisco has a clear vision of how technology can help customers realize that future today and create a more inclusive world for all.

More than 50 innovations announced today fall into three areas: seamless collaboration, smart hybrid work experiences, and intelligent customer experiences, all built on the rock-solid security and privacy synonymous with Cisco.

The All New Webex 
The Webex team is laser focused on making sure users have what they need to do exceptional work. The all new Webex available today, provides a single secure place for connecting and getting things done: call, meet and message in one app. New features are being added across all modes, and the app includes our unique, real-time presence capability, so you always know who is available.

New in meetings.
Among the many features being added to Webex, here are some of our favorites:

In the app today

  • Noise cancellation and speech enhancement: No more loud typing or rustling papers interrupting your train of thought. Webex automatically detects and suppresses common noises, so you can concentrate. 
  • Transcriptions and closed captioning: Remove the need for extensive note-taking. Transcripts are searchable, so team members who miss a meeting can quickly catch up.
  • Highlights and action items: Webex Assistant will create these on your verbal command.
  • Enhanced video layouts: Who do you want to see? You can change your video layout with a simple slider control.
  • Webex Huddle:  Quickly call specific team members into a spontaneous meeting with a single click. No scheduling required—a single click and you’re in a quick team huddle to get stuff done.

Coming soon

  • In-meeting gestures:  Like the presentation? Simply give a “thumbs up” with your hand and our AI translates your motion into a thumbs up on the screen for all to see. This is an industry first, coming in CY 2021.
  • Immersive sharing:  Share your presentation, video or application as a dynamic background with your video overlayed, for a more immersive experience. Coming in CY 2021.
  • Real-time translation: As of February, you will be able to participate in your native language and get localized, real-time transcription of the active speaker, available in 10+ languages. Each meeting attendee can choose the language they want without impacting other users. Languages include: English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, and Japanese.
  • Save and share meeting artifacts: Meeting artifacts and recordings are instantly saved within your Webex app. View recordings in your Webex task bar or within the content section of 1:1 and group spaces.
  • Really big meetings: Need to host a Webex Events session with up to 25,000 fully participating attendees? You’ll soon be able to do that.  You’ll be able to host even more—up to 100,000—using the new Webex Events native live streaming coming later this month.
  • Meeting templates: Give everyone a chance to speak with round table templates and more. Put time limits on your meetings with quick syncs. 

New in messaging. 
Webex has added some great new features to help you focus on what matters most.

  • No more looking for key projects and people: With their industry leading AI, Webex is the only messaging app that learns which projects, spaces and people are most important to you and elevates them to the top of your list. Available Q1 CY 2021.
  • No more missed messages: You can manually highlight important messages and tasks with new Webex message pinning and mark as “unread”. Available Q1 CY 2021.
  • No more missed meetings: In February, Webex will automatically share recordings to 1:1 and group spaces specified by you.

New in calling.

  • Webex calling interactive voice response and video on hold:  Video menus simplify call routing while video on hold engages users in new ways. 
  • Easily escalate a phone call to a Webex meeting:  Escalate a 1:1 telephone call into a Webex video meeting and get the full Webex experience with AI features, transcriptions, notes and action items, and recordings.
  • New ways to buy: Customers can now take advantage of new calling plans with PSTN delivered directly from Cisco. This will be available in the US in mid-December, Canada in the first quarter of 2021 and many more countries globally throughout the year.

New in analytics:
Daily interactions are the fabric of effective collaboration. Last year, we introduced People Insights profiles. Now, Webex is expanding People Insights with a new suite of features. Powered by the Webex Graph, these new features deliver highly personalized insights and actionable recommendations to individuals and teams.

  • For individuals, People Insights can highlight trends that go beyond your Outlook calendar including when your days typically start and stop, time spent on video calls and more.
  • For teams, you can visualize, in aggregate, team interaction patterns within Webex to ensure your team is building and maintaining the right communication patterns and relationships to be effective. The tool can also inform strategy to ensure more inclusion across a team.

The All New Webex Contact Center
The new Webex Contact Center delivers powerful new benefits for businesses, customers, and agents to drive intelligent customer experiences:

  • Now businesses of all sizes (even with the smallest of contact centers) can have the robustness of a cloud contact center with thousands of agents on day one.
  • next-generation microservices architecture enables rapid feature innovation while open APIs allow for easy customization.
  • Customers benefit from a digital-first experience and can now connect their way – whether chat, email, voice and now text and social.
  • New AI-powered voice and chat bots can answer the easy questions and route the tricky ones to contact center agents, with all the related background served up so customers won’t have to repeat themselves.
  • Agents will no longer be blindsided by customer sentiment now that Webex Experience Management is integrated with Webex Contact Center.

Additional Resources:

Rebecca Leach Joins Cisco AppDynamics As Country Manager for Canada

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AppDynamics, part of Cisco and the world’s #1 Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution and full-stack, business centric observability platform, today announced the appointment of Rebecca Leach as Country Manager for AppDynamics Canada. Based in Toronto, Rebecca will oversee AppDynamics’ continued expansion in the Canadian market.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, AppDynamics has helped customers throughout Canada shift to digital and support technologists who have found themselves under pressure and in need of observability tools to manage their complex IT stack. In the recent Agents of Transformation Report, 64 per cent of Canadian technologists interviewed said the pandemic had exposed weaknesses in digital strategies and 69 per cent of Canadian IT professionals said digital transformation projects had been implemented in weeks rather than the months or years it would have taken before the pandemic. AppDynamics supports businesses across industries in Canada to help prevent digital performance issues by monitoring cloud-native technologies and traditional infrastructure to understand exactly what drives user experiences and impacts the bottom line for businesses. 

Prior to joining the AppDynamics team, Rebecca was General Manager of Software Sales for Cisco in Canada, where she also acted as the lead for the company’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy in Canada. At AppDynamics, Rebecca will be responsible for growing the Canadian business with a focus on key sectors including government, finance and retail. Rebecca is also looking to continue her diversity and inclusion efforts as she cultivates a world-class team.

Recognizing the impact COVID-19 has had on IT teams now managing a surge of digital demands, pressure and accelerated timelines of digital transformation projects, AppDynamics is extending support to businesses with the offer of a free trial of its APM software and one-on-one meetings with a consultant. Visit to get started.