Review: OS X Mountian Lion – Part 3: My Impressions

So I’ve used OS X Mountain Lion for almost a week now and my impressions of it are very good. It’s not any faster, but Apple didn’t say it would be. So that’s fine. Having said that it feels like Apple spent a lot more time and effort than they did with Lion to make it feel polished. And to boot, it’s fixed a couple of annoying bugs that I had with Lion. For example, VNC connectivity under Lion quite frankly sucked. It had some serious problems in terms of VNC clients connecting to a computer that have been well documented. Those have thankfully been fixed. Finally, Mountain Lion hasn’t broken any of my apps. Thus this is a no brainier upgrade. If you’re running Lion, upgrade today. That’s right, don’t bother waiting for the bug fixes to appear. Don’t bother being conservative. Join the three million or so people who have already upgraded. You’ll be glad you did.

Microsoft, the bar has been set pretty high. Let’s see if your Windows 8 OS is up to the challenge.

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  1. It would be worth mentioning the java headaches for those upgrading from Snow Leopard. Java worked without issue under Snow Leopard but has several problems with Lion and a few more with Mountain Lion.

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