Two Hot New Phones Appear At Rogers

Rogers announced not one but two phones. First Rogers is carrying the HTC Windows Phone 8X in 8 and 16 GB flavors. The 8GB model is exclusively available at Rogers. So those who fell into the “other” category of a poll that I ran a while ago have a choice. However I don’t have a ship date for this phone. Perhaps Rogers can fill in the blank on that.

Second, Rogers is exclusive carrier of the LG Optimus G, an Android 4.0 LTE-enabled smartphone with an unique 2600 MHz enabled version. That means that the maximum theoretical LTE download speeds will be up to 100 Mbps. I’ve been waiting for a phone that goes that fast. Expect to see that phone appear in November sometime.

Either way, you have more choice for your next smartphone… Assuming that you’re not looking to get an iPhone 5.

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