Hey IT Nerd! Any Comment About The Latest Toyota Recall? [UPDATED]

I guess that I have to comment on this seeing how much I’ve written about my experiences with Toyota extensively. First of all, this is the third recall that we’ve had on the 2009 Matrix that my wife and I own. This matches the number of recalls that we’ve had with any of the four GM products that we owned prior to getting the Matrix. Here’s how that breaks down:

GM Car #1 (1997 – 2000): 1

GM Car #2 (2000 – 2003): 2

GM Car #3 (2000 – 2003): 1

GM Car #4 (2003 – 2008): 3

Given that we went to Toyota to avoid endless recall issues, this is a #fail.

This latest recall is huge. It’s the biggest recall in 16 years. The core issue is this:

The latest recall is the result of a problem with a potentially defective power window switch on the driver’s side of the affected vehicles which, the maker says, “may experience a ‘notchy’ or sticky feel during operation. If commercially available lubricants are applied to the switch in an attempt to address the ‘notchy’ or sticky feel, melting of the switch assembly or smoke could occur and lead to a fire under some circumstances.”

We haven’t noticed the notchy or sticky feel, and as far as we know “commercially available lubricants” haven’t been applied to the switch. So we don’t currently have any worries. about a fire breaking out in the car anytime soon. But my wife and I were less than impressed upon hearing the news.

As I’ve done in the past, I’ll report on what Toyota does to address this latest recall. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: My wife pointed out to me that we have smelled smoke in the car on a few occasions. No clue if this is related to this issue or not though. But it is is food for thought.

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