Are You Ashamed To Have A BlackBerry?

I have to admit that I look at my wife’s iPhone 5 and I feel jealous. It’s fast, it has a better camera, it has apps that I wish were available for my BlackBerry. In short, I feel that my BlackBerry is absolutely “ghetto.” Apparently other BlackBerry users have similar feelings if this article from the New York Times is any indication. Titled “The BlackBerry as Black Sheep” it details how the BlackBerry has fallen from the must have to the least wanted gadget:

The BlackBerry was once proudly carried by the high-powered and the elite, but those who still hold one today say the device has become a magnet for mockery and derision from those with iPhones and the latest Android phones. Research in Motion may still be successful selling BlackBerrys in countries like India and Indonesia, but in the United States the company is clinging to less than 5 percent of the smartphone market — down from a dominating 50 percent just three years ago.

And it’s not just individuals that feel this way. Take Yahoo:

Among the latest signs of the loss of cachet: One of the first steps Marissa Mayer took as Yahoo’s newly appointed chief executive to remake the company’s stodgy image was to trade in employees’ BlackBerrys for iPhones and Androids. BlackBerrys may still linger in Washington, Wall Street and the legal profession, but in Silicon Valley they are as rare as a necktie.

I have to admit that I am getting an increasing amount of requests to either help companies migrate away from BlackBerry products in whole or in part. So one has to think that this is a trend that isn’t going to reverse itself.

Sucks to be RIM.

So, let me ask you. Are you ashamed to have a BlackBerry? Post a comment and share your thoughts.

2 Responses to “Are You Ashamed To Have A BlackBerry?”

  1. Ashamed of your cell phone? It’s just a phone.

  2. I don’t have a Blackberry (have an HTC) but wouldn’t be ashamed if I did. Personally, I want a phone with a good keypad. The Blackberry has that. My current HTC has that. Unless iPhones get one, I won’t get an iPhone. I detest touch screen keypads. Obviously I’m in the minority, but there are others that feel this way.

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