Badgeville Announces Gamification On The Platform

Frequent readers of my blog will recall that I’ve written about Badgeville for SalesForce which uses gamification which is a modern business strategy that uses proven techniques from social gaming to measure and influence behaviour. Today, Badgeville is announcing that it’s bringing this same platform to apps. This is going to appeal to businesses who want to leverage the benefits of gamification in a cloud-based or hybrid environment.

Consider this. By 2016, 75 percent or more of new enterprise IT spend will be cloud-based or hybrid. This means the majority of business applications will be built in the cloud vs. on premise, but even with the cloud managing cost and ensuring user access, does not mean user adoption problems are solved. In fact, nearly $1 trillion has been spent on enterprise technology, and 50% or less actually gets utilized by customers and employees. That’s where Badgeville comes in. You can bring their proven platform to apps and fully leverage it to increase that 50% to something a lot higher.

First, here’s a quick refresher on how this can work for your company:


You as an employer can create missions for your employees to go on. In the above case, The more they interact with their co-workers, the more rewards they can earn.


You can see the rewards that this employee in question has earned thus far.

MarketoBadges[2]Plus you can see what they need to do to move up the food chain.

VP of worldwide marketing, Chandar Pattabhiram took the time to speak to me yesterday and the two key things that I took away from the 15 minute conversation were these:

  • This is a tookit that allows you to build  gamification and engagement into cloud based apps that you already have. CIOs have to love that and the cost savings that come with that.
  • Companies such as Fox, Rogers, Ebay, and EMC among others are customers. I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t be customers if gamification didn’t return a ROI for them.

Check out Badgeville and their offerings here.


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