Mac Users Targeted With New Ransomware Scam

If you’re a Mac user, you should read this. Malwarebytes via a blog post has come across a new ransomware scam. The scam hijacks your Safari browser and then it displays a notice claiming that the FBI has locked your Mac and accuses you of surfing for child porn or downloading illegal music. It also demands payment of $300 in order to release control of the application. If you try to go another page, it will not let you. If you close and re-open the browser, the notice comes back. If you force quit the browser and re-open it, it comes back.

So if you get caught by this, the only way to get rid of it forever is to do the following:

  1. Click on the Safari menu and then choose “Reset Safari”
  2. Make sure all options are checked and choose reset.

This is a sneaky piece of ransomware that proves that Mac users need to be on their toes despite what they might be led to believe.


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