Wrapping Up My Teksavvy DSL Repair Experience

Now that I’ve had a couple of days digest having my DSL go flaky and what needed to be done to fix it. I can write this post with a clearer head.

Now there was some good that I did note in this experience. The Teksavvy tech that I spoke to at 11:18 PM who did everything he could to get me online was great and should be commended for that. Plus the Bell tech that came out was equally as great. He quickly identified my issue and resolved it and explained the issue in a way that was easy to understand.

Now the negative parts of this experience. There are some lessons to be learned here starting with the fact that this could have likely been avoided if Bell had tested my line properly when I got the initial upgrade. You might recall that when I got the upgrade, I said this:

A tech came up to my unit just before 2:30 to check to make sure that I had Internet access and what my speed was using speedtest.net.


The result that I got was within acceptable limits as in Canada, Internet access tends to be advertised as “up to” a given speed. If that’s why I had to be at home and cancel my appointments for the day. That’s kind of lame.

Perhaps if that tech did a bit more than just run speedtest.net on my computer, then this might have all been avoided. Since that didn’t happen, that meant I had to call Teksavvy. That’s when I noted the fact that Teksavvy had long hold times and answered Twitter faster than their phones. Now some of this can be explained by this story in the CBC where customers are having difficulty getting their needs addressed because of issues with Teksavvy suppliers. Namely Rogers whom the article implies is not responding to Teksavvy service requests, but is able to service their own customers just fine. I admit that this situation will send lots of callers into a call center, and they’ll keep coming back until their issue is resolved. But there appears to be more to this. In the process of researching this post, I came across this thread on DSLReports.com which notes the following:

We just hired 250 net additional staff. These problems are unprecedented. More ppl to answer the phone does not fix the problem. All you are doing is making a bad situation worse. It’s not that we don’t care or that we don’t want to answer the phone…

And this.

I guarantee you that once Rogers rolls out their new whatever it is they are working on by end of next month. Our wait times will be great. We, TekSavvy, are doing everything we should be doing. We’re not perfect but the vast majority of this is in Rogers hands and we are looking into that carefully.

So that implies that via Rogers and new staff, their hold time issues will be a thing of the past. But this is an assumption on my part as nobody from Teksavvy has contacted me with their side of this story as was promised in this Tweet:

I can only conclude that either they haven’t gotten around to getting back to me, or they don’t want to. If someone from Teksavvy does get back to me, I will post it here. If you don’t see a post with their side of the story, well, feel free draw whatever conclusions you will from that.

As for looking for a replacement telco, the search continues. I’ll update you when I have some closure on that front.


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