Teksavvy Responds To My Posts About My DSL Repair Experience

It’s really easy for me to rant about a negative experience when I have an blog with the reach that it has. But what I try to do is to get the other side of the story as I feel that it’s important to give a balanced view of whatever the issue is that I’m writing about. Thus when I had my issues with my DSL connection and had it fixed a few days later, I wanted to put Teksavvy’s side of the story on the record. Today I got the chance to do that. I had the chance to speak to Tina Furlan who is Director of Marketing and Communications at TekSavvy, and it was a very enlightening conversation.

The core issue that led to the fact that my phone calls were never answered goes like this. Teksavvy gets it services from the incumbent telcos such as Bell or Rogers. So when a customer has a problem that Teksavvy cannot solve, they have to get their “partners” involved. One of their “partners” is not responding to Teksavvy’s requests for assistance in a timely manner. So their customers as a result keep calling and calling hoping for a resolution to whatever problem they have. That increases call volumes which in turn increases hold times. Add to that the fact that this is back to school time, which means that you have students activating Internet access in their dorm rooms and you have the perfect storm of less than optimal customer service.

Teksavvy is trying to address this in a variety of ways, starting with bringing on extra bodies. As I type this, they now have 500 people who are customer facing. That’s not a small number and it will help things. But from personal experience with the contact centers that I do consulting for, sheer numbers of people on the phones will mitigate but not solve the problem. That’s why the response times of their “partners” is crucial. Ms. Furlan noted that those response times are improving and their customers are getting back online faster. Every person who gets their needs addressed is one less person who calls into their call center. That makes things better for both Teksavvy and their customers.

Another thing that really helps the situation is the fact that they’ve been transparent with what’s going on. For example, if you go to the Teksavvy form on DSLReports.com you can see for yourself how open they’ve been. Take this thread for example where this is mentioned:

At TekSavvy we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and so we are very concerned about the impact that any outages and service delays have on our customers, especially lengthy ones. We want to assure our customers that we have not been taking the situation lightly and have been working diligently to restore service. Since the 15th of August we have been working both directly and through counsel with the network operator to address the service affecting issues and we have also been employing the alternate dispute resolution services of the CRTC, all with a view to reaching the speediest resolution possible for the benefit of our customers. The details of the discussions must remain confidential in order for the various processes to be pursued in the most effective manner, but please rest assured that TekSavvy is fully and proactively engaged in seeking a resolution to the current problems.

Ms. Furlan also mentioned to me that their front line customer service agents can speak about their issues openly. That’s a bit of a shock for me as I don’t advise my customers to do that. I think I will have to rethink my views on that.

I want to thank Ms. Furlan for taking the time to speak to me about the issues that Teksavvy has had as well as being transparent with me. It’s really appreciated and helps me to deliver both sides of the issue to the readers of this blog.


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