BREAKING: Ontario Government Website Hacked [UPDATED x2]

As I type this, if you decided to visit right now, this is what you would see (Click to enlarge):



Clearly the website has been hacked and defaced. Since this is run by the Ontario Government, you can bet there will be a lot of questions being asked and heads rolling potentially.

As this is breaking news, I’ll post more info as I get it.

UPDATE: I have been looking at the handiwork of this hacker and though this appears on the surface to be a defacement, it did set off my anti-virus software:


Clearly, there’s something under the surface, which is why I didn’t link to If you go there, you do so at your own risk. Also, there is a video playing on the site which is MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.” I wonder if the person who did this will be saying that when the cops come to arrest them.

UPDATE #2: Global News is reporting on a statement from the Ontario Premier’s Office that claims that the website wasn’t hacked:

A spokeswoman for Premier Kathleen Wynne says the hacking involved a third-party domain routing service that directs traffic to the government’s site.

Zita Astravas issued an emailed statement that the government’s own websites were not affected.

She says no personal information or any government data was compromised and the websites remain secure.

As I type this, normal service has returned to the website.

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