Hey IT Nerd! How’s The Hard Drive For Your MacBook Pro Working For You?

I just got a question in my inbox related to my my recent run of bad luck with hard drives in my MacBook Pro:

Happy new year! I was wondering if you could provide an update on your MacBook Pro and the Western Digital hard drive that you put in. Is it working well for you? 

Thank you. 

Thanks for the question. I was going to wait until 90 days had passed before posting an update, but I’ll do one now and follow up when the hard drive hits 90 days. In short, the Western Digital Black hard drive (the review that I wrote is located here) that I installed after the third drive failure is working just fine. I have had zero issues with it. After I replaced the drive. I put forward four theories in this article as to why three hard drives would fail in a short amount of time. Let me list them with some commentary:

  • Apple has a systemic problem with the hard drives they use: This is highly plausible. All I did change the brand of drive and the problem has so far disappeared. This implies that the drives that Apple uses are prone to failure. Plus available evidence in this article seems to support this theory.
  • I am either abusing the drive by running my MacBook Pro 24/7 or by moving it about while it is on, or in some other fashion that I can’t imagine: This is unlikely as my behavior in terms of how I use my MacBook Pro has not changed. Logic would dictate that I should therefore have similar problems with this new hard drive. But I do not.
  • I have an undiagnosed issue that is causing the drives to fail. This is somewhat unlikely as these are media failures. But it’s on the list because it’s possible no matter how unlikely it might be: This is unlikely. Logic would dictate that the hard drive that I installed should meet the same fate as the other drives if this were true. Thus far it has not which implies that this theory is false.
  • I am extremely unlucky: This is unlikely as the available evidence that I detailed in this article points to a quality problem with Apple and the drives that they use.

As stated above, I will report back when the hard drive is 90 days old which will be in early February. So far things are positive and I hope they remain that way. Also, if someone files a class action lawsuit against Apple regarding the quality of the hard drives they use, please let me know. I’d like to join such a class action lawsuit as this is something that Apple should have dealt with in a way that solves the problem and doesn’t make me have negative thoughts about Apple as a company.


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