Time To Replace The Toyota Matrix With Something More Reliable?

As a pre-emptive measure due to the oil consumption issue that my wife and I have with our Toyota Matrix, We decided to start looking at replacing it with a more reliable vehicle. One thing that we did not want to do is swap it for a vehicle that has the same issue. So it was handy that Consumers Reports validated what I’ve always said. Cars consuming oil between oil changes to the degree that I have seen is not normal. Plus they have a list of the top 30 cars that consume oil and note that many car makers including Toyota are facing class action lawsuits over this.

So, where does that leave us? We are in the unique position being able to review cars for this blog. Thus it gave us a short list to work from. Added to that are some models that we think would meet our needs as well but we haven’t seen. The criteria to make the list are that the vehicles have to have all-wheel-drive and be around $40K Canadian before we start to haggle. Also, if the model that we were considering was on Consumers Reports list for consuming too much oil, it wouldn’t make our list. That took a lot of contenders out including vehicles from Volvo, Subaru, Audi, and BMW. Of interest, while Toyota is mentioned in the article, they don’t show up on the list.

The contenders are:

Mazda CX-3: My wife and I like the size of the vehicle and it’s great on gas while having all-wheel-drive. Plus it has the best infotainment system out there and is easy to drive and park.

Mazda CX-5: This is another contender because of how well it drives. Plus it’s bigger than what we drive currently. That can come in handy.

Jeep Cherokee: I gave the Cherokee the award for best SUV last year. My wife and I were really impressed by its off road capabilities and the technology that came with it. The Limited trim level that we tested is at the upper reaches of what we want to spend. But it is a strong contender.

2016 Hyundai Tucson: This is a brand new model that has not hit dealerships as of yet. But on paper it looks very interesting and has made our list for now.

Lexus NX 200t: Now even though my wife and I are not fans of Toyota at the moment, we did like what we saw of the Lexus NX 200t when we saw it at the Canadian International Auto Show this year. So for now it is on the list.

Our next task is to look at each vehicle and check out how reliable they are. Depending on the results, some of them may get dropped from the list. We’ll also be looking at other makes and models to see if they should be added to our list. Once that process is complete, it will be time for test drives.

In the meantime, we are half way through driving the 2000 kilometers that Toyota wants us to drive as part of the oil consumption test. If it fails the test, we’ll then have to wait for parts to be available to fix the vehicle. Even then, we are strongly leaning towards replacing it. But if it is “normal” according to Toyota, then it will get replaced for sure.

Stay tuned for more on both fronts.


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