My Return To India – Part 3: A Night Out

I really didn’t want to stay cooped up in the hotel this time. Thus I decided to take a trip to the Cyber Hub to have a dinner. Before I get to that, let me talk about how I got there. I hired a hotel driver to take me there for 1800 INR which gave me 40 KM/s of distance or a 4 hour window to go there and come back. As part of the deal, he gives you his cell phone number and you call for a pickup as he’s going to just hang out nearby while you go eat. I also advise that you tip as well. 500 to 1000 INR is the right range depending on what you feel the service is like. The reason why I say that it that it is way easier than trying to use a taxi, Tuk Tuk, or walking. The latter is something that I do not recommend for reasons I will get to in a bit.

Now about the Cyber Hub. It’s got very upscale very upscale restaurants and also has events from time to time. It’s also surrounded by the likes of Google, Microsoft and Cisco just to name a few. In terms of the dining, you’ve got everything from brew houses, Italian, Indian, French, Asian and other types of cuisine. If none of that does anything for you, there’s also a KFC, Pizza Hut, and Wendy’s. I chose an upscale Italian restaurant, and for less than 1500 INR plus tip, I had a great spaghetti with chicken and pesto, plus a coke. Plus I went to a brew house and got an authentic India Pale Ale for 400 INR plus tip. This was also the first opportunity for me to try out the Nikon D3300 camera that I brought with me. Seeing as this was nighttime, I was very interested to see what the low light performance was going to be like. Here’s a few examples of what it can do via these picturs from the Cyber Hub. All pictures are taken at 24.2 megapixels with a Nikkor 55-200 lens:


The results were pretty spectacular in low light. I also found it easy to get the shot that I wanted in both auto mode and in one of the manual modes as well. I used the LCD to frame my shots and found that the LCD was bright and easy to see when I took a good picture (auto mode) or a bad one (manual mode). I’ll be interested to see what it can do in better lighting conditions. I may get my chance tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Now for the part about why you should take a car from the hotel. The thing about India is that this is a place that is first world in every way. But it is also a place that reminds you that not everyone shares in the wealth that is on display here. I found that to be the case when I was being driven back to the hotel. The driver tried to take a short cut through a section of Gurgaon with lots of resturants and the odd strip bar or two. If the Cyber Hub was upscale, this area was far from it. Within short order, four or five young (as in age 10 or less) girls holding balloons surrounded the car and tried to get me to buy one or more from them. The driver recognized the situation and gently used the car to move them out of the way so that we could get past them. But I have to say that they were persistant as they kept tapping on the windows and trying to open the doors of the car. Plus they all had very pleading looks on their faces. If I were walking around, I would have no excape from this. Thus the car was very handy, and the driver got a 1000 INR tip because he was very skillful in getting me out of this situation.

With that out of the way, it’s off to bed and let’s see what happens tomorrow.


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