Eddie Bauer Stores Pwned By Hackers

If you have shopped at clothing retailer Eddie Bauer in the US or Canada recently, you might have something to worry about. The company found malware on their POS systems that swiped credit card data. The malware had been there for about six months which means a lot of credit card data has been swiped. The issue was brought to light by Brian Krebs who told the company that they had been pwned six weeks ago. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence as having an external party tell you that you’ve been the victim of hackers is never a good thing.

The usual rule apply if you have shopped at Eddie Bauer. Watch your credit card statements for unusual activity and report it to your card issuer if you do see it. In the meantime, I have to ask this question. When will stores, payment processors, POS companies and card issuers get serious about defending against this sort of thing as these sorts of hacks are starting to become all to common?



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