Windows 10 Anniversary Update Hoses Webcams

If the fact that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update introduced performance issues to some users isn’t enough of a reason to avoid it for now, here’s another one. It apparently has removed support for MJPEG and H264 stream encoding. That in turn has made webcams which worked perfectly fine before the update completely unusable. Brad Sams who works with famous Windows blogger Paul Thurrott discovered the flaw:

In the support thread, customers are stating how Skype is freezing but more concerning are comments such as this: “We have a working product running for years and millions of unhappy users that are unable to use it at all after this update” and another user states “We have millions of users and we are in situation now where we have to tell them not to update the Windows anymore or switch to Mac OS.” These are clearly enterprise customers who have customer machines running the Anniversary update that has broken their product who are now scrambling to resolve these issues.

Mike M, an engineer on the Windows Camera team has been commenting in the support thread where the complaints are stacking up and says that a fix is in the pipeline for hopefully a September release. That’s the good news, the bad news is that there is not a temporary fix to hold everyone over until the patch is released and since you now only have 10 days to rollback your update, for most users, they are stuck on the Anniversary build.


Now a workaround has appeared, but this latest screw up by Microsoft underscores the fact that the software giant is woefully out of touch with its user base. Apple stores may want to prepare for the onslaught of pissed off Windows users as that’s exactly where Microsoft is driving them.

3 Responses to “Windows 10 Anniversary Update Hoses Webcams”

  1. When the one-year free Windows 10 upgrade period was closing, I thought maybe I should finally take the plunge. Then I thought better of it and stuck with Windows 7, expecting things exactly like this. What a #fail!

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    Windows 10 Anniversary Update Hoses Webcams | The IT Nerd

  3. […] 10, that admission came after one of their forced updates took computers off the Internet, and another one broke webcams along with causing Kindles to BSOD Windows 10 machines among other things. There were lawsuits […]

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