Shock! Ashley Madison Broke Canadian And Australian Privacy Laws

The epic hack that was Ashley Madison was really the hack that made people really think about what online services they use. Now they’re back in the news for all the wrong reasons because it’s come to light that they broke privacy laws in both Canada and Australia. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, who worked with a similar agency in Australia said Tuesday the company used inadequate privacy and security technology while marketing itself as a discreet and secure way for consenting adults to have affairs. The report found that “poor habits such as inadequate authentication processes and sub-par key and password management practices were rampant at the company” and that “much of the company’s efforts to monitor its own security were ‘focused on detecting system performance issues and unusual employee requests for decryption of sensitive user data.'” What’s more is that Ashley Madison continued to store personal information of its users even after some of which had deleted or deactivated their account(s). These people then had their information included in databases published online after the hack. All of this of course is a #EpicFail.

The company, which shockingly is still around, has voluntarily entered into a compliance agreement and will work to improve their security and privacy protocols. Though I have to wonder if that will encourage people to come back to their service to facilitate their cheating activities.


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