Latest Windows 10 Update Breaks More Stuff And Fixes Nothing

The Anniversary Update for Windows 10 continues to be an #EpicFail for Microsoft. On top of breaking webcams and having freezing issues, a new update to this update breaks PowerShell. According to a report via InfoWorld, the latest Windows 10 update which is KB 3176934 shockingly breaks Desired State Configuration (DSC) functionality in PowerShell. Now Desired State Configuration is a set of language extensions and commands that gives admins control over networked computers. That’s kind of important to big companies who run Windows in their environments. In fact, in big organiztions, it’s really important. Some things that were broken in the prior update, such as support of many webcams and a freeze issue, don’t appear to have been fixed in this update.

So let’s get this straight. Nothing gets fixed, but more stuff gets broken. Excuse me Microsoft, but if you do stuff like this, how precisely do you expect people to want to use Windows 10? One wonders how bad this Anniversary Update for Windows 10 can get.

I am sure we are about to find out.


One Response to “Latest Windows 10 Update Breaks More Stuff And Fixes Nothing”

  1. […] and another one broke webcams along with causing Kindles to BSOD Windows 10 machines among other things. There were lawsuits filed and won this year over Windows 10, one of which succeeded. Thus this OS […]

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