Netatmo Reveals Its New Visual Identity

For its 5th anniversary, Netatmo reveals its new visual identity. The new graphic chart includes a new logo, a new graphic design and the creation of different product categories – corresponding to each area of the connected home.


With all letters in uppercase, Netatmo’s new logo uses a slightly reworked Proxima typeface and refined sans-serif font. It becomes more visible and is easy to read. This new logo has been created by Netatmo’s internal graphics studio. Netatmo’s new logo portrays the company’s success and ambition: famous for its dynamism, Netatmo stands out on the smart home market due to its innovative approach. Combining modernity and dynamism, the Proxima typeface has been applied to all of the brand’s media communications: the website, mobile phone applications and printed documents.

Present in several areas of the connected home, Netatmo products and accessories are now grouped under three categories:


Weather represented by the atmospheric motions icon. This covers the Personal Weather Station, the Additional Module, the Rain Gauge, and the Wind Gauge.


Energy represented by the heat flow icon. This covers the Smart Thermostat and the Smart Radiator Valves.


Security represented by the fingerprint icon. This covers the Welcome, the indoor security camera; Presence, the outdoor security camera and the Tags.

As of today, all packaging displays the new visual identity. Look out for them at your local retailer.



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