Samsung’s Rush To Beat Apple Led To Exploding Batteries?

A report in Reuters is claiming that Samsung’s rush to beat Apple to market with new phones has led to a drop in quality, which in turn has led to the exploding battery fiasco that they are now facing:

“Samsung might have over-exerted itself trying to pre-empt Apple, since everybody knows the iPhones launch in September,” said Chang Sea-Jin, business professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and author of “Sony vs. Samsung”, a history of the electronics giants.

“It’s an unfortunate event; it feels like Samsung rushed a bit, and it’s possible that this led to suppliers also being hurried.”

The last sentence should catch your attention because Samsung has fingered an un-named supplier in terms of the exploding batteries. One of those makers is Samsung:

Samsung SDI, one of two makers of batteries for the Note 7 – the other has not been identified – said it had not received notice from Samsung Electronics regarding its batteries and declined to comment further, including whether its batteries were found to be faulty. The company declined to comment on a local media report that it had production difficulties and struggled to meet orders in time.

So, it sounds like they either pushed themselves too hard, or some third party. Either way, it’s not good for Samsung. I fully expect Apple to make a comment about this in their media event just to highlight why people should buy an iPhone 7.


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