3000 Dell Employees May Get The Axe

As part of Dell’s efforts to buy EMC, which closed on September 7th by the way, as many as 3000 people may no longer work for Dell when it is all said and done according to a  Bloomberg report. The report claims that Dell will seek out $1.7bn in cost savings in the next eighteen months. However, it also claims that it will seek to beef up sales by several times that amount, minimizing the need to thin the herd. If they have to thin the herd, it will likely come from the US and in roles including supply chain, marketing and general and administrative functions.

It will be interesting to see what this new Dell/EMC combo does to make this deal work over next year or two. My guess is that they will be doing anything possible to prove that this merger was a good idea. Even if that means that this merger isn’t as good for others. Employees for example.


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