Samsung To Limit The Charge That Note 7 Phones Get In Korea

I am not sure if I would call this a fix, but Samsung does. The word on the street is that Samsung is going to put out a software update for the Note 7 phones that have exploding batteries which will limit their maximum charge to just under 60%. Here’s the details from AP:

“It is a measure to put consumer safety first but we apologize for causing inconvenience,” the advertisement said. The update for South Korean users will start Sept. 20, it said.

South Korean media earlier reported the software update plan, citing Samsung.

It isn’t clear if this software update will make an appearance elsewhere. But it is clear that this is aimed at people who ignore the recall notice of this phone and decide to continue to use it. Though I don’t know why you would ignore a recall that addresses an issue with a device that could explode. It may also be an attempt to control the damage from airlines banning the use of the phone on their flights. Either way, this is not good for Samsung.


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