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Samsung Partners With iFixit To Provide Parts And Tools Repair Samsung Phones…. Are You Paying Attention Apple?

Posted in Commentary with tags on April 1, 2022 by itnerd

Last year Apple came out with a self repair program. I was less than impressed at the time and my impressions with this could be summed up with this statement:

The bottom line is that this is an optics exercise for Apple. If they really wanted to embrace right to repair, they would go further than what was announced. But they haven’t. So don’t be fooled by this announcement. It isn’t what you think it is, and it’s not going to get the results that you think it will.

Fast forward to today and Samsung shows how to do a self repair program properly. Let’s start with this press release from Samsung:

Today, Samsung Electronics America announced that Galaxy device owners will be able to take product repair into their own hands for Samsung’s most popular models, the Galaxy S20 and S21 family of products, and the Galaxy Tab S7+ beginning this summer. Samsung consumers will get access to genuine device parts, repair tools, and intuitive, visual, step-by-step repair guides. Samsung is collaborating with iFixit, the leading online repair community, on this program. More information will be shared once self-repair is available.

To start, Galaxy device owners will be able to replace display assemblies, back glass, and charging ports — and return used parts to Samsung for responsible recycling. In the future, Samsung plans to expand self-repair to more devices and repairs from our extensive product portfolio.

Now assuming that Samsung follows through on this, which I believe they will as they have an interest in making Apple look bad, this makes what Apple is offering look rather pathetic and underlines the fact that Apple does not take self repair seriously as they are too busy finding new and creative ways to sell you another iPhone or MacBook.

I wonder if this move by Samsung will force Apple to get a clue and get with the times?

Samsung Becomes The Latest Company To Ditch Russia

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Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung has stopped shipments of everything from consumer electronics like smartphones and TVs to chips to Russia in light of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine:

“Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted and our priority is to ensure the safety of all our employees and their families,” Samsung said in the statement. The company is donating $6 million, including $1 million in consumer electronics products, to humanitarian efforts in the region.

I am guessing that this was in response to this Tweet from Mykhailo Fedorov, who serves as Ukraine’s vice prime minister and oversees digital operations:

This is gaining so much steam that soon you won’t be able to buy anything in Russia. Which is fine by me given their inexcusable behaviour.

Samsung Caught Throttling Apps…. Thousands Of Them

Posted in Commentary with tags on March 3, 2022 by itnerd

Android Authority is reporting that Korean Twitter users have compiled a list of 10,000 apps that are marked as subject to “performance limits” imposed by Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service. But if you go through the list, you’ll note that apps like Microsoft Office apps, Netflix, Google Keep and TikTok are on the list. And those aren’t games. And what makes this worse is that Samsung own apps such as Samsung Cloud, and even the default phone dialer preloaded on Samsung phones are affected. But benchmark apps such as Geekbench aren’t affected.

I can see three possibilities for this:

  • Samsung could use the list to keep battery drain down on some of the world’s most popular apps, artificially inflating battery runtime tests performed by users and themselves for marketing purposes.
  • Samsung could also be attempting to game the benchmarking tests commonly performed on tests and not delivering that speed to all apps evenly.
  • This could be a coding mistake that Samsung somehow needs to fix assure customers that they aren’t trying to cheat.

It isn’t clear which this is. But when Samsung was approached about this issue, this happened:

Samsung is apparently investigating the GOS issue pointed out below. According to information circulation on Naver, the company is conducting an internal investigation and approaching the issue as seriously as the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Samsung is also expected to make an official announcement regarding the matter soon.

Clearly Samsung is aware how bad this looks. And I for one will be very interested in what they have to say on this as this is not a good look for Samsung.

Research Paper Claims Samsung Shipped 100 Million Phones With Flawed Encryption

Posted in Commentary with tags on February 24, 2022 by itnerd

According to a research paper, Samsung reportedly shipped an estimated 100 million smartphones with botched encryption. In short, researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel found that millions of Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S21 devices were shipped to customers with a security loophole that could have allowed hackers to steal sensitive information:

ARM-based Android smartphones rely on the TrustZone hardware support for a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to implement security-sensitive functions. The TEE runs a separate, isolated, TrustZone Operating System (TZOS), in parallel to Android. The implementation of the cryptographic functions within the TZOS is left to the device vendors, who create proprietary undocumented designs.

In this work, we expose the cryptographic design and imple- mentation of Android’s Hardware-Backed Keystore in Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S20, and S21 flagship devices. We reversed-engineered and provide a detailed description of the cryptographic design and code structure, and we unveil severe design flaws. We present an IV reuse attack on AES- GCM that allows an attacker to extract hardware-protected key material, and a downgrade attack that makes even the latest Samsung devices vulnerable to the IV reuse attack. We demonstrate working key extraction attacks on the latest devices. We also show the implications of our attacks on two higher-level cryptographic protocols between the TrustZone and a remote server: we demonstrate a working FIDO2 WebAuthn login bypass and a compromise of Google’s Secure Key Import.

We discuss multiple flaws in the design flow of TrustZone based protocols. Although our specific attacks only apply to the ≈100 million devices made by Samsung, it raises the much more general requirement for open and proven standards for critical cryptographic and security designs.


The good news is that the researchers approached Samsung last May and July with the details of the vulnerabilities. Then Samsung fixed them via patches that went out to the affected devices. But here’s where I would be nervous if I were a Samsung user. Unlike iPhone in which every iPhone on Earth gets patched at roughly the same time, Android phones in general don’t get the same treatment. Patches might come from Samsung, Google, or your carrier. And they may be region specific. Thus it may take weeks or months before a patch hits your phone. If it hits your phone at all. So it is possible that not all of the phone that were affected by this are patched. And that’s a problem as it’s a safe bet that threat actors are looking at this paper and seeing how they can exploit any phone that still has these flaws. Thus my advice would be to make sure that your Samsung phone is running the latest security update. More info on that can be found here.

TD Canada Angers Google Users By Supporting Samsung Pay & Apple Pay, But Not Google Pay

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Samsung yesterday announced that TD cards, TD Access Cards and TD credit cards are now supported by Samsung Pay in Canada. Instructions for setting that up can be found here. This joins TD Canada’s support for Apple Pay.

Now that should have been a good news day for TD. But it wasn’t. TD in Canada doesn’t support Google Pay. And they aren’t handling the blowback from that very well. Here’s an example:

That’s a horrible response from whomever is in charge of their Twitter account. But I am not surprised as this example illustrates that TD Canada really needs to rethink how they deal with customers over social media. Because right now they aren’t doing a great job of doing so and it isn’t helping their cause. Neither is the fact that that there’s now a petition that is gaining steam. It currently has just over 1500 signatures as I type this. Which is also not a good look for TD Canada.

My $0.02 worth: I find it mind blowing that in 2021 TD Canada doesn’t support Google Pay as there are a ton of Android phones out there due to the fact that a number of companies make Android phones with the hardware to do contactless payments. TD Canada really needs to do something about this because this is a serious #Fail and at some point, customers of TD Canada will start dealing with other banks in Canada who supported Google Pay ages ago.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G & Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Are Now Available For Pre-Order At TELUS

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TELUS is excited to confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G and Galaxy Z Fold3 5G devices are now available for pre-order at TELUS.

Customers can get these new devices using TELUS Easy Payment® device financing, starting at $0 upfront, on the TELUS 5G network. Plus, customers who get these devices on a minimum two year term will receive two gifts with purchase, including the new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 and Wireless Duo Charger. Customers who purchase the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G will also receive the S Pen Fold Edition. 

The latest Samsung devices will be available for purchase at on August 27, 2021.

GRUBBRR Partners With Samsung To Provide Top-Quality Self-Ordering Technology

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GRUBBRR, the emerging leader in self-ordering kiosk technology, today announced a strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics America, Inc. to provide the most advanced software solution on the market, powering the Samsung Kiosk, the company’s new all-in-one kiosk solution as it enters the self-ordering kiosk industry.

With the integrated GRUBBRR software, the Samsung Kiosk comes ready to handle every aspect of the self-ordering transaction and is fully equipped with a high-definition display, printer, credit card terminal, scanner, and NFC tap.

GRUBBRR’s solutions have been proven to immediately impact businesses by drastically reducing labor costs and maximizing workplace efficiency. Even more helpful than labor savings is the increase in revenue, predominantly through an increase in average ticket size. Samsung’s large, high-definition screen provides unrivaled visual images which are crucial to the buying experience, and GRUBBRR’s sleek user interface offers customized upsells with every transaction. The consumer experience is enhanced by eliminating the need to wait in line and providing personalization and order accuracy. 

GRUBBRR developers worked with the Tizen platform, Samsung’s open and flexible operating system, to integrate the software to meet the needs of the self-service industry. Unlike other operating systems, Tizen supports a variety of devices and is highly customizable. GRUBBRR software enables Tizen to run across verticals, creating a complete all-in-one solution for every business.

Samsung is a natural partnership because it has established itself as a global leader in the hardware electronics industry, and pairs perfectly with GRUBBRR’s innovative and affordable out-of-the-box, self-ordering solutions.

Samsung’s new kiosk technology is just the latest and greatest feature of the Samsung ecosystem powered by GRUBBRR. In addition to the self-ordering kiosk, Samsung consumers can also integrate their existing ecosystem with menu boards, order progress boards, kitchen display systems and food lockers to further revolutionize their business. 

TELUS Donating A Samsung Device To Mobility For Good For Every Galaxy A32 5G and A52 Sold

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The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and A52 5G devices are now available at TELUS for $0 upfront with TELUS Easy Payment on the lightning fast TELUS 5G network. The latest Samsung devices are equipped with some of the latest Galaxy innovations to date that let you stream, capture and experience all the action at an affordable price.

What’s more, for every Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and A52 5G device purchased between April 23 to May 31, TELUS will give a new Samsung smartphone to the Mobility for Good program, which supports Canada’s most vulnerable community members with subsidized smartphones and plans, giving them a better chance to thrive.

To learn more about TELUS Mobility for Good program or the launch of the Samsung A Series devices at

Samsung Announces New S21 Series…. Available For Pre-Order At TELUS

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Earlier this morning, Samsung announced the new S21 series via their unpacked event which you can watch here. TELUS is excited to confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G devices are now available for pre-order at The latest Samsung devices will be available for purchase at on January 29, 2021.

Customers can get the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G today with the TELUS Easy Payment® device financing, starting at $0 upfront, on the TELUS 5G network. Plus, customers who get the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G device on a minimum two year term will receive two gifts with purchase, including the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, valued at over $300.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Is Now Available For Pre-order At TELUS

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TELUS is excited to confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G and Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G devices are now available for pre-order at The latest Samsung devices will be available for purchase at on August 21, 2020.

Customers can get the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G today with the TELUS Easy Payment® device financing, starting at $0 upfront*, on the TELUS 5G network. Plus, customers who get the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G device on a minimum two year term can select from two gift with purchase options. Customers can either receive the Samsung Buds Live, valued at $249.99, or the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Bundle, which includes a MOGA XP5-X+ Controller, a 3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership and a Wireless Charger Duo, valued at over $320.