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A Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Exploded… Samsung Blames “External Impact” For The Explosion

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PR types at Samsung must be on high alert because there is a report that a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has exploded in South Korea. But before we say that this is a repeat of the Note 7 exploding batteries fiasco, Samsung claims to know why this happened:

After a report circulated Tuesday that Samsung denied reimbursing a South Korean customer whose Galaxy S10 5G exploded, the company has explained why. In a statement provided to CNET, the company says that the cause of the damage wasn’t a malfunction but rather the result of “external impact.” 

“After retrieving the device from the customer, Samsung has closely inspected the device and concluded that the damage was caused by external impact,” a company spokesperson said. 

According to the AFP, via The Economic Times of India, a user of the 5G handset identified only by his surname, Lee, claimed his phone blew up “without reasons.” 

“My phone was on the table when it started smelling burnt and smoke soon engulfed the phone,” Lee told the outlet, going on add that he “had to drop it to the ground when I touched it because it was so hot.” 

If you check The Economic Times story, the picture of the phone in question looks pretty scary. But anyone who reads this has to keep in mind that this is a sample size of one. When the Note 7 fiasco happened, those phones were exploding right, left, and center. So I’d be sitting and watching to see if there are other reports of this in the coming days. If not, I’d call this a one off. Another thing to consider is that we’ve had reports of the the odd iPhone exploding over the years. So this sort of thing does happen from time to time. But because of the past history of Samsung when it comes to exploding phones, they may…. key word being may…… be getting more attention than they deserve. But we will see.




BREAKING: Samsung Galaxy Fold Becomes A Victim Of #Foldgate As Rollout In US Delayed

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It seems that #Foldgate has caused Samsung to rethink the rollout in the US as The Wall Street Journal [Paywalled] is reporting:

Samsung Electronics Co. is delaying the expected Friday rollout of its Galaxy Fold smartphone until at least next month, according to people familiar with the matter, the latest fallout from a product headache that began with tech reviewers reporting their test devices had malfunctioned. 

I guess that all the bad press on Twitter, YouTube, and by bloggers like me was too much for the company to ignore. But let’s be clear. Samsung rushed this to market and expected people to pay for their Kickstarter program. Now they’re getting burned when things went off the rails. I’m of the opinion that Samsung is getting what it deserves. Also, I hope that Huawei is watching as they have a foldable phone too that they’re hoping to release shortly because I am sure they don’t want to repeat Samsung’s mistakes.

UPDATE: Samsung has confirmed the delay in a statement provided to CNBC, noting that it will announce a new release date “in the coming weeks” and “will take measures to strengthen the display protection.”


The Samsung Galaxy Fold & Hwawei Mate X Are Smartphones That You Should Avoid

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I’ll say this right up front. I have not seen nor held a Samsung Galaxy Fold. And nobody outside of Huawei has seen nor held a Mate X. But both of these foldable phones which are leading the way in the new frontier of the smartphone market do have one thing in common. You should avoid them like the plague.


Let’s start with price. The Galaxy Fold is almost $2000 US. The Mate X is going to be $500 more than that. And at that price point, it makes the iPhone XS which I criticized as being insanely expensive look cheap. But what you’re paying for is being on the bleeding edge of tech because up until this point the only foldable phone that was out there was the ZTE Axon M and that shall we say, underwhelmed the planet. The Samsung and Hwawei offerings however are more in line with what people expect from a foldable phone as they have seamless screens and the versions of Android that they come with more or less allow whatever apps and content to look great.

But there’s always a catch and Samsung found that out last week when review units sent to selected tech reviewers started to exhibit two issues:

  • Several reviewers peeled off one of the layers of the screen which at first glance seemed to be there to be removed. But in fact it was a integral part of the screen that when removed caused the screen to die. I’ll chalk this up to user error which will be mitigated by warnings being added to the consumer units when they ship. Still, this was not a good start.
  • The more serious issue was the review unit sent to The Verge which had their review unit fail after bulges appeared in the hinge area. CNBC also had a screen failure. But in both cases, neither outlet removed the layer of the screen that I mentioned above.

This of course started a hashtag on Twitter: Foldgate. Which is not the press that Samsung was looking for. Added to that is the fact that launch events that Samsung had for the Galaxy Fold in China have been cancelled leads one to conclude that Samsung has a major problem on its hands and they know it. And one has to wonder what’s going to happen with the phone’s launch on April 26th in the US.

Here’s the problem. When it comes to these products, they are version 1.0 of some very cutting edge tech. Which makes you the beta tester for these products. And you are paying big bucks to beta test these products. Take it from me, that never ends well. I remember when I got the first Apple Newton back in the day and the news of its inability to read handwriting, a key feature for the product, made the news and was mocked in the Doonesbury cartoon strip for about a week. Subsequent versions were marginally better on that front and in other ways, but the damage was done and the product was killed about 4 years later. But here’s the flipside of that experience with the Newton. Apple took all that tech from that product and moved into places like the iPod and into macOS.

The thing is, I partially financed that by buying a version 1.0 product. And upon understanding that fact, I vowed never to buy a version 1.0 product again. And those who buy the Galaxy Fold or the Mate X will be doing the same thing. Which is helping Samsung and Huawei to finance the foldable phone that you actually want to buy. Because neither of those phones are fully baked products as evidenced by the issues that the Samsung variant is having at the moment with experienced tech reviewers. Which of course does not bode well for what might happen with the average consumer. Now will foldable phones be something that will be a viable option for consumers someday? I think so. But today is not that day. And seeing that everyone has to work hard for their money, I would suggest that you avoid Samsung and Huawei’s Kickstarter projects and not buy either of their phones in the here and now. Your wallet will thank you.



Samsung Announces New Galaxy Wearables

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Samsung’s latest attempt to try and eat into Apple’s dominance in the wearables space comes in the form of the following:

  • The Galaxy Active:  The watch monitors blood pressure, in addition to heart rate. Clearly a shot at the EKG functionality in the Apple Watch 4. It has 4GB of storage and also supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile payments via NFC. It can be charged by the new S10 smartphone. It can track over 30 activities. The watch will cost $199.99 US and will be released on March 8th.
  • The Galaxy Fit: Lower down on the food chain and clearly aimed at the Fitbit crowd is the Galaxy Fit. It has a rubber strap with a 0.95-inch full color, touch-sensitive AMOLED display. It pairs over Bluetooth, includes a heart rate monitor, charges wirelessly, and is water resistant. Expect to pay $99 USD on May 31 when it ships.


Samsung Announces Galaxy S10 Lineup

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Because a foldable smartphone isn’t enough, Samsung has announced the Galaxy S10 lineup. There are four phones on offer:

  • There’s the S10E at the low end
  • The Galaxy S10
  • The S10 Plus
  • The Galaxy S10 5G which the brand’s first 5G phone

Key features (depending on the model) include:

  • An edge-to-edge screen with tiny bezels.
  • The ability to wirelessly charge another device.
  • An Infinity-O display that cuts a small circle (or oval) to make room for front-facing cameras.
  • The world’s first ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader, which unlocks the Galaxy S10 using sound waves.
  • Up to four rear cameras.
  • Up to 1TB of built-in storage.
  • The all-new One UI. Android Pie.
  • A Snapdragon 855 processor.
  • 5G capabilities

Preorders for all but the 5G phone begin on Feb. 21, for a March 8 release date. Each preorder comes with a free set of Galaxy Buds which is Samsung’s answer to AirPods from Apple as a gift.

UPDATE: Telus sent me this statement after the announcement:

Following Samsung’s unpacked announcement today, we’re happy to confirm that the S10e, S10 and S10+ are now available for pre-order at TELUS at The Galaxy S10 will be available for purchase in-store and online at on March 8.

Customers who purchase the S10 on a Premium Plus rate plan and sign up for the Bring It Back program, can expect to receive the S10 at the absolute best cost. With pricing starting at $150 (S10e), $300 (S10) and $420 (S10+) for the 128 GB models.

TELUS customers who pre-order the new Galaxy S10e, on a two year term, will receive a Samsung Wireless Charger Pad, valued at $79.99 and those who pre-order either the Galaxy S10 or S10+, on a two year term, will receive Samsung Galaxy Buds, valued at $199.99.


Samsung Announces Galaxy Fold Smartphone

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Samsung today officially unveiled its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold.

Yes, I said foldable smartphone.

When folded up, the Galaxy Fold has a 4.6-inch display that’s designed to fit in the palm of a hand, and when opened up, it has a 7.3-inch display that’s tablet sized. There’s a hidden hinge and gears to facilitate that. The Galaxy Fold comes in four colors: black, silver, green, and blue, and with some color options, the outside hinge shade can be customized. Under the hood there is a 7-nanometer processor, 12GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage, and two batteries that add up to 4,380mAh. Oh yeah, there’s a mind blowing six cameras on board. Three on the back, two on the inside, and one on the front.

The Galaxy Fold will come in a LTE version and a 5G version and will start at a mind blowing $1,980 US. You can get your hands on one starting on April 26. and it will come with Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Buds which are Samsung’s answer to AirPods.

As soon as I get product links, I will post them here.

UPDATE: Info on the Galaxy Buds can be found here. And info on the Galaxy Fold can be found here.

A Reader Complains About The Lack Of Support For The Samsung Galaxy Watch From Rogers

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I got a comment related to this story that I posted about the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Which for those on Team Android is the chief competitor to the Apple Watch. I posted that story in relation to Rogers lack of eSIM support at the time. They now have that support. Sort of. But only for the Apple Watch. It’s not available for the Galaxy Watch because Rogers much to my surprise doesn’t seem to carry the Galaxy Watch. Here’s what the reader who tipped me off to this said:

I spent alot of the day today calling Roger’s and getting escalated to higher and higher up the Rogers management chain.

In the end I spent over half an hour talking to the Office of the President of Roger’s.

Supposedly the very top of Rogers.

I was told that Roger’s has made a business decision to not support the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

And worse that they have no plans to support it at any time in the future.

I was on hold for nearly 10 minutes while the Office of the President checked and confirmed with all groups that there is no support planned at all.

(While I was told that they may change their mind at any time, it seems highly unlikely as these things are normally scheduled months in advanced)

This is extreamly discouraging.

When I pointed out that this is making a large number of Roger’s customers very upset, I was told that I could complain to the ombudsman (who had no control over business decisions).

I also pointed out that the type of person who buys a 500+ smartwatch is likely to also be spending alot on other Roger’s services and that this business decision was likely to be a expensive mistake.

In the end I have decided to move all my business to a different carrier.

Not my preferred choice, but I am left with no choice.

Well, that’s someone who is never going to do business with Rogers again. And I confirmed via this page that the only carriers in Canada that have the Galaxy Watch are Telus and Bell.

At first I thought the person who pinged me on this was over reacting. But I reached out to a bunch of my friends and associates who are on Team Android to get their views on they. To my surprise their reaction to finding out that Rogers doesn’t carry the Galaxy Watch was one of shock. They all assumed that of course Rogers would carry all the latest and greatest devices. Thus the fact that Rogers didn’t carry the Galaxy Watch was mind blowing. Thus based on that, I think Rogers has really made a mistake here. One they might want to reconsider with the Galaxy 10 about to make an appearance as that will drive upgrades once it is available. Those upgrades will likely go to carriers that carry all of Samsung’s products. In other words, Telus and Bell and not Rogers. Pity.