Yahoo Gets Pwned – 500 Million Accounts Leaked

Yahoo confirmed that “at least” 500 million Yahoo accounts were compromised in an hack in late 2014.

For the record, we are in 2016 which means that Yahoo either kept this quiet or were asleep at the switch.

The data that was leaked included customer information like names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birthdates, hashed passwords, and both encrypted and unencrypted security questions and answers. Yahoo will notify all affected users and is asking them to change their passwords immediately if passwords have not been changed since 2014. All compromised security questions and answers have also been invalidated. Yahoo said it was investigating a data breach earlier this summer after hackers started selling account access online. I guess that if they were hiding this, this forced them to go public. If they weren’t hiding it, I guess this got their attention. 

This is an #EpicFail on the part of Yahoo. And I do mean #EpicFail. A breach like this should never ever happen. I hope that Verizon walks away from their deal with Yahoo as if I were the head honchos at Verizon, I would not want to go anywhere near this mess.

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