Hyundai Australia Customers Frustrated Over Lack Of Updates To Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

It seems that customers of Hyundai in Canada are not the only ones who have issues getting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay updates in their vehiles. I got an e-mail from a customer in Australia who is frustrated by the inablity of Hyundai to provide updates to both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay:

We are in the same boat in Australia & came across you posts which have been great & very informative. In Australia we have been told by the head of PR that for our top spec models the headunit is “not compatible”. This didn’t make alot of sense as it seemed to contradict what others had found, been told or came across.

We emailed the maker / provider of the headunit & was told it is compatible, however the software has not been developed. They also told us:

– there is no hardware issues with CarPlay

– Motex developed a test update but due to it being buggy Hyundai did not proceed with further developments to fix the bugs.

– Motrex and Hyundai Australia are gathering requests for CarPlay and feedback and report back to Hyundai Korea for further investigation. 

From the surface, this inablity to provide updates looks like more of a corporate issue than a country specific issue. Plus, some of what this person has reported sounds similar to what Canadians have heard. But here’s the flipside to this argument, the Americans have had no problem getting this update. That opens up more questions as surely the Americans can’t possibly be the only ones who seem to be able to roll out these updates. These questions are ones that Hyundai will need to address as clearly this is a situation that is one where Hyundai is quickly losing contol of.

Over to you Hyundai.

UPDATE: There’s a Facebook group dedicated to Australian Hyundai owners who want Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in their vehicles.

3 Responses to “Hyundai Australia Customers Frustrated Over Lack Of Updates To Apple CarPlay/Android Auto”

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