Here We Go Again… Samsung Phone Catches Fire And Explodes

Just when you thought that we were past talking about Samsung phones exploding comes  this story from a Samsung phone user in France who says her Galaxy J5 smartphone caught fire and exploded. The model is different from the Galaxy Note 7 that has been recalled worldwide. From a report on Associated Press:

Lamya Bouyirdane told The Associated Press that on Sunday she noticed the phone was very hot after she asked her four-year-old son to pass it over. She said she threw the phone away when she realized it had “swollen up” and smoke was coming out. The phone then caught fire and the back of the handset blew off. Her partner quickly extinguished it.

You have to wonder if Samsung is capable of making products that don’t explode. Hopefully this isn’t the start of a new round or recalls and bad press for Samsung. But I would not be surprised if it is as that would imply that Samsung has a much more pervasive problem that it has yet to deal with.


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