#EpicFail: New MacBook Pros Have Non Upgradeable SSDs & Poor Battery Life

Apple really can’t seem to get any good press from their recently released MacBook Pros. If the whole USB-C thing wasn’t bad enough (though to be fair, they did sort of walk that back), now comes the news that the solid state drives inside these new MacBook Pros are soldered directly to the logic board, rendering them non-upgradable. This was found by a forum user over at Mac Rumors. That means that instead of buying what you need now and getting a third party upgrade at a reasonable price if you need to upgrade your storage later, you are pretty much forced to take Apple’s upgrade options at the time of purchase. The prices of those are far from cheap as evidenced by this picture of the SSD upgrade options in Canadian dollars for the entry level 15″ MacBook Pro (click to enlarge):


Yikes! The upscale 15″ MacBook Pro SSD upgrade options aren’t exactly a bargain either (click to enlarge):


That’s a major #fail on the part of Apple. But the fail continues with the battery life of these new MacBook Pros. Several reviews are reporting that they aren’t getting anywhere near the 10 hours of battery life that Apple claims. For example,  The Verge reported 5-6 hours and Business Insider reported 8 hours under ideal conditions and 6 hours in normal use. The problem with this is that Mac users are used to getting battery life close to whatever Apple claims. For example, I have the previous generation 15″ MacBook Pro and I routinely get 9+ hours of battery life which is at or above what Apple says I should get which is 9 hours of battery life. What makes this worse is that the final fail is that these new MacBook Pros come with a maximum of 16GB of RAM because according to Apple, any more RAM would be a drain on the battery. That sort of implies that the battery life could have been much worse. Though, knowing that won’t make anyone who owns one of these MacBook Pros feel any better.

Now here’s the flipside, Apple is selling a ton of these machines. That means that either people don’t care about any of this, or people are buying them sight unseen and are going to be in for a bit of a shock when they start using these new MacBook Pros. I think Apple is hoping that it isn’t the latter. Because there will be some major blowback if it is. And it will not be pretty.

In case you’re wondering what I’ll do when it comes to a potential upgrade, I’ll stick with my current MacBook Pro. True, the new ones have the Touch Bar which may or may not be useful, and the graphics performance is way faster. But hanging on to my just over year old MacBook Pro seems to be the sensible thing to do as I don’t have to deal with the USB-C gong show, nor do I have to face the possibility that I will have to spend way more money than I want to so that I can get one.

#EpicFail Apple…. #EpicFail


2 Responses to “#EpicFail: New MacBook Pros Have Non Upgradeable SSDs & Poor Battery Life”

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  2. […] avoids bad PR got lots of bad PR this year. Whether it was their new MacBook Pro which had a laundry list of issues and complaints when it shipped, the fight with US law enforcement over unlocking […]

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