Users Report Problems With 3 Finger Drag On New MacBook Pro


As is the new MacBook Pro doesn’t have enough bad press, comes the news that users are reporting that the very useful 3 finger drag gesture doesn’t work. Apple’s support forums have a thread that shows that this seems to be happening to a lot of people who opt to enable the gesture. Apple technicians have apparently acknowledged the issue and suggested that a fix would be required via a future macOS Sierra update. Or at least that what users on the forum say.

Now to be fair, very few people use the three finger drag. And all of those users tend to be long time power users of OS X or macOS. Plus Apple for reasons that only know bansihed this feature to the Accessibility settings in System Preferences in macOS Sierra. Thus new users to the platform would likely never see this issue. But for those who do use this feature, and I am one of them, a fix for this cannot come soon enough.


3 Responses to “Users Report Problems With 3 Finger Drag On New MacBook Pro”

  1. […] the USB-C fiasco which they tried to walk back, the lack of ability to repair or upgrade, or the lack of support for three finger drag, their new and cool notebook seems to be a major headache for […]

  2. […] I must admit that this was a quick turnaround between the time that this became public to this fix coming out. Kudos to Apple on that front. Now let’s seem them do the same thing with that GPU issue, or that three finger drag issue. […]

  3. […] battery life isn’t close to what Apple says it should be, low repairability scores from iFixit, problems with the three finger drag gesture, problems with the GPU, there have been problems with Boot Camp which have been since […]

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