THE+RADIO: Easy To Use With Simplicity And Real Stereo Sound

As a descendent from the iconic heritage of Henry Kloss, THE+RADIO is an intelligent and progressive step in easy every day consumption of music and voice. The idea is to simplify the usage and keep it as intuitive as possible without compromising the quality. In simple and sensual luxury it combines engineering, emotion and art, all packed in color or organic wood materials. Simply radio, but plus.


THE+RADIO is embracing the lost art of not only radio listening, but also real stereo, for a stronger experience. (Stereo speaker optional) It offers a high quality FM or DAB+ radio with Bluetooth and cable connectivity for seamless streaming of digital content. It is a perfect match for the home environment that deserves a bit more but likes to skip too many buttons and just go radio. The minimalistic Scandinavian expression is signed award winning Swedish designer Alexander Åhnebrink.

THE+RADIO is available in color or genuine Walnut, Cherry, Oak or Rosewood.

THE+RADIO FM BLUETOOTH                                                   Euro 289

THE+RADIO DAB+ BLUETOOTH                                               Euro 349

THE+RADIO FM STEREO BLUETOOTH                                    Euro 349

THE+RADIO DAB+ STEREO BLUETOOTH                                Euro 399

Find out mre at           


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