Kia Canada Customers Get Android Auto & Apple CarPlay Upgrades… From MnSOFT

While owners of Hyundai Canada vehicles are frustrated by their inability to get upgrades to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, owners of Kia vehicles in Canada don’t seem to have that issue. Kia owners in Canada can now get an update that gives a large number vehicle models an update to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for $199 USD. I took this screen shot from this page that shows how many vehicles are getting hooked up with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay:


That’s a healthy list of vehicles, some of which date back to 2014, which have the ability to get a feature that consumers have shown that they want. But here’s the part that will frustrate Hyundai owners. First, the update comes from MnSOFT which is the infotainment division for Hyundai. Those are the same guys who have been unable to deliver similar updates to Hyundai vehicles in Canada. If that’s not enough, Hyundai owns just under 34% of Kia according to this Wikipedia article. I suspect that when word of this gets around to the owners of Hyundai vehicles in Canada, it will result in some very long days for Hyundai Canada’s customer relations department as the question that many of them will ask is “why is it that Kia owners get treated differently than we do if your corporate parent owns both?” I hope that for Hyundai Canada’s sake, they have a plan to deal with this as the optics at present really don’t look good for them.


15 Responses to “Kia Canada Customers Get Android Auto & Apple CarPlay Upgrades… From MnSOFT”

  1. Since you’ve been kind enough to write to Mnsoft and Hyundai, can you do the same – the article above
    Not only it’s mind boggling to see the reason behindbut the unprofessional blame game between the two is equally excruciatying

    • Trust me. Hyundai Canada is very aware of my posts and so is MnSOFT. I don’t have to lift a finger because it is a safe bet that they know that this story is posted.

  2. JF Laplante Says:

    Kia owners had the ability to upgrade to Android Auto since release 10.0 earlier last summer. My girlfriend got her 10.0 AA update free of charge from her dealer for her 2016 Kia Soul EV that didn’t have it in July when bought.

    Release 10.5 only add Apple Car Play to mostly the same list of vehicles as last summer. That actually make things even worse for Hyundai…

  3. Michael Says:

    I just bought a new 2016 Optima SXL, they want $500.00 to upgrade my car. That is nuts, it should be fro free. Disgusting!!!

  4. hey man. can you help me understand why my 2017 SPORTAGE EX (without navigation) can’t have carplay upgrade but has a default android auto in it.

  5. […] Owners get that. But to not even try really rubs owners the wrong way. Take the example of Kia Canada who is offering up these upgrades for a fee for vehicles going back to 2014 or older in a couple of […]

  6. Atlanticcanuck Says:

    Crazy that they charge you for it. Looks like Kia US and Kia Europe are both offering the upgrade free but Kia Canada has not yet gone the same route. Technology today makes it easy to upgrade so they really have no excuse. Moreover, given that google maps updates for free, why would anyone spend $200us for the same information. Any word on whether Kia Canada will make Car Play available for free as part of an update?

  7. do you have to have NAV to be able to get the car play update?

    • I believe so. You can use the chat window at this site to confirm:

      • itNerd, could you discover what is the Navigation system model that comes with the Kia Rondo? Kia Soul got the Apple Car Play upgrade but Kia Rondo didn’t. I wonder if the Nav systems are compatible to the point I could apply the Soul Upgrade on the Rondo…

  8. JF Laplante Says:

    The final insult for Hyundai owners is that this update is now FREE directly from Kia…

    • I am not sure that is the case because I know that MnSoft released version 11 of the infotainment software in June. However, Hyundai vehicles in Canada made between 2015 and 2017 didn’t get this update. I reached out to MnSoft and they gave me some really evasive reasons why they didn’t. I also have heard RUMORS that Hyundai Canada has been telling people that they are working on doing something similar to what Kia is doing. But I have not been able to confirm or deny that. My advice would be to watch my blog. I am actively tracking this and when I have confirmed and verified info that I feel is worth publishing, you’ll see it here. (no fake news from me)

  9. Rondo is not getting any updates for the CarPlay I assume because 1) they do not sell it on USA 2) is built out of North America.
    Both Kia and MapnSoft give evasive answers as well.

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