Boot Camp Audio Drivers On New MacBook Pros MAY Kill Your Speakers

The bad news about the new MacBook Pro doesn’t seem to be stopping.

The latest thing that has come to light is the fact that when using Boot Camp, which is one way of running Windows on a Mac, the new MacBook Pro is not able to deal with the audio drivers that come with Boot Camp. As a result, users are experiencing intermittent clipping of audio especially at high volumes. Some are even claiming that the speakers themselves are being damaged through what can’t be very long term use of Boot Camp. Now the latter part I find difficult to believe as these MacBook Pros have not been out that long. But reports of the former are starting to appear online. AppleInsider has quoted Apple as saying that you should phone AppleCare to document the issue and visit a Genius Bar. AppleInsider also reports the use of non-Apple supplied Realtek audio drivers will remedy the issue.

Given that there is a new issue every couple of days about these new MacBook Pros, one has to wonder if Apple has really lost its touch as I cannot remember the last time there has been this much noise about a new product that they launched. And that includes events like “AntennaGate” and “BendGate“.

3 Responses to “Boot Camp Audio Drivers On New MacBook Pros MAY Kill Your Speakers”

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