Fitbit Buys Pebble…. Then Kills Pebble Products

The news is out via a blog post by both Pebble and Fitbit that Fitbit will acquire Pebble’s software assets. Then Pebble as a company will be deep sixed. You can see why Fitbit would do this as they get a ton of assets and the people behind those assets which would make them more of a player in the wearable space.

But on the Pebble side of the fence, there is one outstanding question. Current Pebble devices will continue to operate as normal, maintained by Fitbit. But I don’t know what that looks like long term as per this tweet:

What does “for now” mean exactly?

Warranty support on current Pebble devices is also no longer available. The Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core have both been canceled with backers from Kickstarter and those who pre-ordered will receive full refunds over the next 4-8 weeks with no action required. Anyone who pre-ordered a Pebble 2 smartwatch and was not charged for it will also have their orders canceled.

RIP Pebble. We hardly knew ye.

One Response to “Fitbit Buys Pebble…. Then Kills Pebble Products”

  1. […] has released a new blog post that details its “first steps forward with Fitbit” after bring bought by Fitbit. In the blog post, Pebble said that users can expect that Pebble software and services will […]

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