Rogers One Number Is Dead As Of January

Remember Rogers One Number? That was Rogers VoIP service that allowed you to have one number on WiFi and cellular so that you could be reachable anywhere on your mobile phone or your PC. Plus it offered free VOIP calling from anywhere in the world, and you can send and receive calls and texts on your laptop, listen to and manage your voice mails and so on. It first popped up in 2011 and became infamous when an attempt by Rogers to promote the service on Twitter went horrifically sideways. Rogers has now decided to kill the service outright as of January 31st, 2017. A customer of mine tipped me off as she got a communication from Rogers. Here’s a snippet:

Since launching Rogers One Number, we’ve introduced new, innovative wireless solutions that help Canadians stay connected – like Share Everything plans with unlimited Canada-wide calling and Wi-Fi Calling that allows you to call and text in more places (with a compatible device)

So what that means is that the service has become redundant. Thus it needed to be deep sixed. That makes sense. I do have one customer who did use this service, but I wonder how popular it truly was?


One Response to “Rogers One Number Is Dead As Of January”

  1. Their recent move leaves out the possibility of using my phone number via any computer or iPad. When travelling abroad, I am right at home in Canada with One Number. Their WiFi will not do that.

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