BREAKING: Hyundai Canada Launches Update Site For Some 2017 Vehicles

Hyundai Canada just launched the site where owners of the 2017 Elantra sedan, 2017 Santa Fe Sport, and 2017 Santa Fe XL vehicles that are currently equipped only with Android Auto can now download and update their vehicle’s headunit so that it includes Apple CarPlay.

PLEASE NOTE that the three vehicles that I have listed are the only ones that will accept the software and allow all vehicle navigation/entertainment/application systems to continue functioning as designed. It is not compatible with other Hyundai vehicles or 2016 or prior model year vehicles.

Customers can do the update themselves free of charge (if they have a USB stick or SD card reader/writer, depending on the model) or they can pay a service charge for a dealer to do it. Customers will be required to enter their VIN (vehicle identification number) to ensure vehicle-to-software compatibility, access to the appropriate software version, and vehicle-specific installation instructions. It takes about an hour and the vehicle’s engine has to be running.

With this update, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are compatible with the Elantra sedan, Elantra GT, Sonata (except hybrid), Tucson, Santa Fe Sport, and Santa Fe XL vehicles for the 2017 model year in the Canadian market.I should mention that Hyundai Canada’s priority has been 2017 model year vehicles that had Android Auto but were lacking Apple CarPlay. Any decisions about expanding this campaign to other vehicles or other model years will be made at a later date as per the story that I posted yesterday.

11 Responses to “BREAKING: Hyundai Canada Launches Update Site For Some 2017 Vehicles”

  1. […] UPDATE #2: Hyundai Canada has launched an update site to allow owners of 2017 model year Elantra Sedan, Santa Fe Sport, and Santa Fe XL cars to get a free update to Apple CarPlay. Details available here.  […]

  2. I updated today my 2017 Santa Fe Sport. It worked and now I have Apple CarPlay.

  3. Same here ACP works fine on 2017 Santa Fe XL

  4. Unfortunately it only works using the cable, not bluetooth. I will be waiting for the BT version. The cable one is not that helpful.

    • Are you refering to Wireless Apple CarPlay? If so, you might be waiting a very long time. BMW three months ago was the first company to come out with Wireless CarPlay support in the new 5 Series. No other car manufacturer to my knowledge is working on or has announced support for that.

  5. […] as some progres is being made for Canadian Hyundai owners to get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in t…, I’m going to focus on Australian Hyundai owerns to get the same in their […]

  6. […] One of the things that I have wondered for a while now is when some enterprising owner of a Hyundai vehicle in Canada was going to find a way to get a update to their infotainment system that gives them Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As those who have followed this story know, MnSOFT who is responsible for these updates has a paid update for 2016 Tucson and Elantra GT owners, and Hyundai Canadaonly has updates for a handful of 2017 vehicles. […]

  7. When we get 2016 sonata 2.0T apple car play?

  8. I always wanted both Android Auto and Apple Car Play in my car. Now when i know that it is compatible with my 2017 Elantra sedan then i will update it as fast as i can. This would make me fall in love with my car’s interior. Thanks for informing that the vehicle’s engine should be running while we carry out this process.

  9. […] out, if you click on any of the download links, it takes you to the Hyundai Software Upgrade site that I mentioned last year. There’s nothing on this page that refers to additional models having downloads for either […]

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